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Improved ala Blackburne

1. Bedford. p.56
2. Bury St Edmunds. p.69
3. Chelmsford. p.82
4. Cold Bath Fields p.89
5. Devizes. p.93
6. Dolgelly p.95
7. Dorchester p.96
8. Flint p.118
9. St Compter
10. Gloucester p.138
11. Hereford County Gaol
12. Hertford. p.151
13. Hersham. p.153
14. Huntingdon. p.156
15. Ilchester. p.158
16. Ipswich p.161
17. Kendall p.163
18. Lancastle Castle. p.184
19. Leicester Borough
Gaol. p.186
20. Leicester County
Gaol. p.187
21. Lincoln Castle Gaol p.190
22. Liverpool p.192
23 Ludgate p.194
24. Maidstone p.204
25. Monmouth. p.211
26. Newgate p 216
27. Northampton
County Gaol p.223
28. Northampton
Town Gaol p.225
29. Norwich Castle p.226
30. Oxford Castle Gaol. p.233
31. Do City Gaol. p.235
32. Reading p.246
33. Ruskin p.253
34. St Briavels. p.256
35. Shrewsbury. p.264
36. Stafford. p.268
37. Surry County
Gaol p.274
38. Tothill Fields. p.279
39. Warwick. p.281
40. Winchester City p.284
41 Do County p.285
42 Worcester Castle p.288
County find no work but
prisoners choose their own
work & find derive a good benefit
from it

58 improved/86 not

---page break---

Not improved

1. Appleby p.49
2. Bath p.52
3. Berwick p.58
4. Beverly Hall Garth p.59
5. Bodmin p.60
6. Borough Compter p.63.
7. Brecon. p.65
8. Bristol. p.66
9. Cambridge Town p.77
10. Canterbury. p.78
11. Cardiff. p.79
12. Carlisle. p.81
13. Chester p.86
14. Colchester. p.87
15. Coventry. p.90
16. Derby p.91
17. Derby County G<hi rend="underline">l</hi> p.92
18. Dover Castle. p.100
19. Dover Town p.102
20 Durham. p.103
21 Ely p.105
22 Exeter p.106
23. Fleet Prison. p.109
24. Gosport. p.145
25. Haverford Wast p.147
26. Hereford City Gaol.
27. Hull p.155
28. King's Bench p.164
29. Kingston. p.181
30. Knaresborough
Castle p.182
31. Lentin p.188
32 Lichfield p.189
33 Lostwithiel. p.193
34 Lynn Regis p.202
35 Macclesfield p.203
36. Marshalsea p.206
37. Newcastle upon
Tyne p.214
38. Newport. p.222
39. Nottingham
County Gaol p.229
40 Do Town Gaol. p.230
41. Oakham. p.231
42. Ousebridge. p.232
43. Penzance. p.236
44 Peterborough. p237
45. Poole p.239

---page break---

Not improved.

46. Portsmouth p.240
47. Poultry Compter p.242.
48. Presteigne p.245
49. Reading Town Gaol
50.Richmond York. p.249
51 Rippon. p.250
52. Rothwell. p.252
53 St Albans Borough
Gaol. p.254
54 Do Liberty Gaol p.255
55. Stt Peters p.257
56. Salisbury. p.258
57. Scarborough. p.261
58 Sheffield. p.262
59. Southampton. p.266
60 Whitechapel. p.282
61. Worcester City p290
62. Yarmouth. p.291

Hereford manufactory
established & discounted
Do — p.224
Stafford work furnished

---page break---

Improved otherwise
than a la Black

A la Howard.
Aylesbury. p.50

— Byfield.
Cambridge Castle.

— Harrison.
Chester Castle. p.85

New one ordered
Morpeth. p.213

New one building
Plymouth. p.238.

New one to be built.
Rochester. p.237.

New building on
plan of Bury St Edmunds.


---page break---

1 Appleby Cy find no
most employment
Prisoners allowed to
work. p.49

2 Bath no work. p.52

3. Bedford as N<hi rend="underline">o</hi>1. p.56

4. Berwick as No2. p.58

5. Bury St Edmunds
as No1 p.69

3 Bath no work p

6 Cambridge Town
Gl no work. p.77

7. Cardiff no
work p.79

8. Cardigan
no work. p 80

9 Derby Cy Gaol
no work. p.92

10 Dorchester successfully

11. Durham Cy
finds no work
keeper does. p.104

12. Exeter
no work p.107

13 Gloucester Cy
Gl p. Work provided

14. Hertford manufac
established and discounted

15 Lancaster Castle
no work. p.184

16 Leicester no
employment. p.187

17 Lenton D<hi rend="underline">o</hi> p.180

18 Lynn Regis O. p. 202

19 Northampton
Cy G<hi rend="underline">l</hi> manufacture
established and discounted

20 Northampton
Town G. no work p.225

21 Nottingham
no work p.229

---page break---

22 Sheffield Cy find
no employment
prisoners get what
they can. p.263

23 Southampton
no work p.267

24 Stafford work
furnished. p.270

25. York Castle
Cy find no employment
but prisoners
"fix upon their own
"work" and "derive
"a good benefit from
"it." -

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