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conclusion Preface to Letters

Comparing the professions here now made public with the silence
that has carried the res a judgment may be written not without materials, on formed without much
difficulty or the sort of regard paid shewn of the attention paid to the interest of morality, good
faith public security and public penal justice in high places is now open
to every eye.

Had it been proposed to me de novo, it would have had my
support: but rebus sic stantibus I can I hesitate not but hesitate. Such
is supported from the best hand was the substance of a Bond Street confidence made in Bond Street if I .
If I must name, it is not in having the fear of for any fear of Mr Attorney General before my
eyes but but the nature of the Letter should be found to run through Bond Street.

...when, in this or that exalted theatre a man it happens
on this or that occasion it happens to a man to have any of those
pompous declamations which are so frequently to be heard on
the subject of justice, and humanity, and morality, and good faith, and
obedience to the laws, if he has perused by the perusal of these pages, he will
be able to have been not be altogether at a loss to estimate prepared to estimate with a tolerable degree of correctness
how much what degree of/proportion sincerity is in those places at the bottom of those sounds.

After having asking himself he will be enabled to answer to himself
whether there be any other measure of right and wrong than
personal convenience.

...how much is the fruit of habitual and as it were innate probity
how much is the in each case the result of personal particular prudence and solitary

If funds had—Act of
Parliament had notbeen obtain[ed]
Noble Lords would have
obtained one. Had not
funds been provided
Right Hon. Gentlemen would
have undertaken to provide
them. Had not Land
been purchased—Right
Hon. Gentlemen would have
looked out for purchasers.

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