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9 Febry 1803

If instead of being what they were, the personages concerned
were either completely incapable of forming a determination <add>decision</add> judgment
on the subject, or determined inexorably determined bent
upon not giving to give a proper one, and therefore being ashamed
of withholden from by the fires of shame from giving that which they would wish to give, determined
therefore to effect give their object by giving none at all,
in what respect could their conduct have been different
from what it has been?

If instead of being what he it is, clear from first to last of all reproach
without spot or suspicion tried by an ordeal of nine years by a probationary course of ten
years suffering, the character of the individual concerned
were that of the vilest of malefactors, could the treatment
given to him have been more repulsive [more terrible] more expressive
than it has been? of real hatred and affected contempt more compleatly void
of every indication of sympathy, of every
sign of mercy, than it has been?

Conceive them absolutely bent and determined to disobey
the laws passed in this — to violate the engagements so long ago taken
and so repeatedly confirmed and renewed — determined at all hazards and
at any price — determined that no system shall be so
flagrantly bad abominable, but that they will pretend to think it good
for the purpose of preferring it to that which is determined
to be sacrificed — determined that no system that objection capable of
being to the devoted system
to the
obnoxious system shall be so frivolous, that they will not
pretend to regard it as fatal and unanswerable — conceive
them conscious of having nothing to say in defence of the
line of conduct determined to be maintained — determined
at the same time not to it — maintain it at all hazard determined, rather
than depart and return to into the path of probity, to
maintain for ever to the last the silence which with such incurable they have been so obstinately
they have now been maintaining for this almost two years
Conceive this, and every thing part of their conduct will appear — and howsoever
censurable in other respects, the more prudent and consistent, with reference
to to the supposed and in
view, of the most fond
consistent and prudent
they could take.

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