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The True Bastile
The Britain and her Constitution conquered in
New South Wales.

Pitt the first conquered America in Germany: in Germany
which was not conquered, America which the instant
it was attempted to make it productive of any thing but
loss, was lost. For this cause it was, that English blood and treasure was sacrificed to
German passions: and at this price the the Monarch emperor of the
was continued on the throne established for some time on the throne.

To the second in the dynasty, another Conquest
not mismatching the former may be ascribed. To Pitt
the second was reserved the glory of conquering of not Britain
herself+ that constitution which distinguishes/has by which Britain is distinguished
the proprium quarto modo of Britain from other countries in New South Wales: of conquering
in the only spot in which the conquest presented itself as practicable
in New South Wales—

been looked upon as that constitution which is her choicest treasure

In one set of existing circumstances his endeavour his power of his
tongue Was employed in
was to popularize the constitution: in another set of existing
circumstances to make the Monarch absolute. The former
attempt has hitherto failed: the latter has been hitherto
but too successful.

to nullify those
scenes of riot and
corruption called Elections

My aim is (as on constitutional questions a mans aim must
take its chance for being) loyal or treasonable, according to the
success: to restore the constitutional King—to dethrone the despot.

It seems to be generally understood, that the prosperity
of a country is in proportion to has the sonorousness and fluency
of the speeches spoken in it. If for its cause, real wealth encreases
pecuniary wealth—the accidental and falsely supposed
tax is consequently sign of it encreases—if taxes consequently
become more & more productive—the encrease owing not to the
hand which if it creates the wealth: nor to the hand of the Judge
not to the hand of the Soldier that pockets the wealth—but to the tongue that speaks of it.

When a common plan
has been well handled
when honour glory and
their have
been placed in a certain
manner and pronounced
in a certain tone the
country is saved.

For the blood and treasure expended spent in the conquest
of America—whether in America, or Germany, or any where
else, speeches at least, and these of the first water, were
not grudged: obtained: for the blood and treasure spent upon more recent conquests—conquests alike
in value—speeches were also obtained given to us—speeches alike in value, besides the conquests.
For the sacrifice made of the British constitution by the conquest
obtained made of it over it in New South Wales—nothing has
been obtained—no, not so much as a speech. How at any
rate must be admitted
to be a real loss. We
have lost our constitution
it has been conquered
from us: and we have had
no speech for it that is
from us, and no
much as a single speech
of it we have not had
in lieu of it:
our speech not so much as a single speech to afford us
for the past, and security for the future: both these debts remain unpaid to us both paid for in speeches than

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