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21 Dec 1802
Letter 3

I have stated been stating to Your Lordship what is a plan
of his Grace's, a plan to which having been besides having
originated from such high authority, the name can not with
any tolerable propriety be refused, considering what compleat
and essential efficient execution has been the fruit for it. To
another idea of his Grace's, the plot at the bottom of this
deep laid plan, the same respectable appellation can not
I fear be given with equal altogether propriety, notwithstanding the
height of the source from which it flows. I speak of
the ulterior plan as in a case of less surety I might
have been apt to call it unawares the plan for forming applying
to the feelings of the Countie Magistrates of the several Counties, by the spectacle
and thus, by the spectacle of the miseries produced purposely by
on purpose, forcing them to provide lay a further tax
upon these several jurisdictions, for the prospect purpose of building of
larger and larger Gaols in the room of the existing ones
thus crowded and overlooked. This I fear can not be
set down on in any higher class under any higher denomination than that of a project
and my reason is a simple one. The efficacy of it must I think have defended in a very considerable degree at best
upon the knowl knowledge possessed of it circumstance of its existence being known
to the persons on whom that knowledge was to operate.
The Magistrates in question would know that they were taxed
but they would not know for what ulterior purpose they were thus
taxed: not knowing for what the purpose for which they were taxed, not
knowing that the tax was meant as an instrument of
coercion, to force them to build prisons, they might content
themselves with the tax thus imposed upon them, without seeking
for any addition to it
looking about for any thing to add to it:

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