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Letter 3

7 Jany 1803

XVII Hulks

Such being the state of things on the second floor of
the Treasury—such being and standing the known wants and wishes of Lord Pelham—
such being the known wants and wishes of the gentleman
or the other the wainscot by on whom the whole trouble
of thinking or appearing to think is reposed who acts under and for Lord
Pelham—should there be at any time a man who has any thing
of reference to bring forward or to support
good to propose or to promote—should there be at any time a man
who has any thing in view but the extension or encrease or confirmation
perpetuation of abuse—can there be any be any the
smallest ray or rational hope for him so long as
Lord Pelham sits on one side of that same
wainscot, with the gentleman who thinks or is supposed to think for him on
the other? Even this question is suggested not solely
by reasoning theory, but in no small degree by experience.
Already, even in this obscure and solitary station—witnesses
of all ranks present themselves to view, by whom
that towering station lofty tower that seat of elevated
nothingness has been climbed up to with hope has been
descended from in despair—and who with in concert though
without communication, join in the general one universal cry—while
such stations are encumbered with such men—time exertion spent
in endeavours to serve render service to public in any shape, through
that channel, is worse than thrown away all attempt
to do good though that channel will be labour thrown
away. You see who sits there—no good is to be done there.

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