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26 Decr 1802 Letter |8 XVII Hulk
Hulk In

to put a single penny in his pocket - nor yet upon the horns in
which Sir Henry Mildinay and Mr Neild serve their country
are at his own expence - The chain succession of Falvus, ending with your
Lordship has deprived him of the means: but for a reimbursement He would not here
to your Lordships Such
Duty interest makers
of every class - self refusing
social dissocial for even
dissocial when born of social
need not blush for their existence
all those forms could bear from action would have joined in in young age to live exgitance
giving life to

of his expenses out of pocket, upon an account made public:
a person the factstokens of when zeal in this same line are
of more than 24 years standing: a zeal commencing and continuing
for years withoutwith as little a thought of profit. In that person Your man who though
crusted by oppression has
continued hitherto led in
life of 54 years without
reproach: a man in
when couldwhose character any the

Lordship would have found one who ha being prompted by a
strong and manifest interest to point outdiscover and every abuse the
remedying of which object of the office, had therefore
certainly not certainly every requisite but as certainly the The sight of any
man ofby whom the cause
any the smallest pledge

first of all requisites necessary to the due actable discharge of the
duties function of it. a man without any occupation - at least without smallest spot be found,
the indication of it would
well be well positioned
by those many a Right
Honourable and Honourable
person at a higher
price than was ever
given for the order or indication
of a murderer or Incendiary.

any public occupation.

of any of themany occupation

The very gentleman by whose neglect the abuse took place
the gentleman who had been nursing it - the gentleman who of your
Lordship will believe been had been creating it upon corrupt in other places
is the very gentleman whose recommendation your Lordship
takes for a person to put an end to it: the same gentleman
who having under his discharge Hulks. Reasons Colony
under his discharge was apraised of what had been done in relation
to these objects of the that had been furnished but seven years before in his own office to
the House of Commons and by the House of Commons published
but seven years before. The official man as
of those men whowhen are
up Official Lords disdain
because their office is not
a sinecure.

This man who by humanity or by humanity
combined with still stronger and surer ties have every the
stand engaged by the force of and prompted bound by the strongest motives to labour for the suppression
of the abuse - these are the men turned aside from & these are the men whom
the nature of the case presented.
these are the
men from whom Your
Lordship turned aside

put by neglected: the gentlemen who stand engaged by the strongest motives
to do their utmost not indeed a perpetuate continue - even a act indeed the
very abuse itself - but the system from which a great part
of the abusemischief is iablyabsolutely inseparable these are the gentlemen
upon byfrom whom your Lordships hand is reasons its guidance guided -
these are the gentlemen emply'd to combat it.

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