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26 Decr 1802 Letter 3 Appendix

(4 24 Further Proceedings

Sir Evan Nepean whom gentlemen owe a favour of them, and
to whom the falshood of it in any such was as fully known as to themselves.
The time when it was mention the word difference was
discarded was where the mask was off [where gentlemen
were whispering to one another in a dark room
] when the whispers
were passing from floor to floor, and the result consigned to
a Book a sight of which was carefully <add>for the first</add> refused.
to the only then for the first time refused person approved whose fate was disposed of by it
and who in consequence could not have failed remonstrating
against the falshood, the instant it had struck his eyes
The motive which had dictated given birth that the refusal which at
that time would if have laws continued to class it alive to all
further time: the disclosure of that part of the correspondence upon the change
of the Ministry, was the result of a discussion, the particulars of
which are as perfectly to as they are known to the
discussing parties.

Even In July 1800 on the th of the month whom nothing but the equivocal term
difference was employd — and when the article was drawn up
as it stands, so transparent was the deceit fraud, that every body
was ashamed of it — and nobody could be found to sign it
It accordingly stands — stands upon the of the
as given in presented by the House of Commons
without a name: an unambiguous communication, the only
example of I <add>should suppose was made from any a Government office</add> instance I suppose that ocurrs in the Annals of the ultimo
House of Parliament — the only one, I can say from circumstance
over that ocurrs in the whole collection
of these Papers of which the paper in question forms one article
Communication made in number from Board
communication made in number in "respecting the matter
"stated (says the title) in the Reports of the Committee of Finance.<p>

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