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Two Letters

It is a truth as undeniable as it is melancholy—that saving the narrow
and precarious imperfect exceptions exhibited by some of the country improved prisons
there is not a species of punishment in use for the crimes of greatest frequency
and mischievousness, that does not either destroy the offender, or render him worse
than it found him, by substituting to reformation worse corruption corrupted. In
this state is a man whose whole life from the age of early youth has been
devoted to the honest hopes of rendering his labours serviceable to mankind
in this state is he obliged to leave the business of penal justice
with under the full persuasion of being able to fulfill the ends of it
conduct it in the acme of perfection, if the interests of the public had
not been deliberating and inexorably sacrificed to the power of secret

It would be as as it would be disrespectful if after what
has been seen in the course of the preceding pages the reader
were to form any such conclusion as that in the opinions
of the Judges of this land Acts of Parliament ought to be destroyed were of no force
that the servants of the Crown were in lawful a dispensing power was
among the official prerogatives of the servants of the Crown that
public engagements might be violated without scruple or pretence
and an Act of Bankruptcy committed by government for
the purpose of degrading a blameless individual of his more than
chartered rights.

The account I heard from more quarters than one by no
means accorded with the account which when driven to the wall
was the only means of escape that the distress of the case his situation suggested
to the Noble Lord. He calculated doubtless and certainly not
upon no ground
The danger that these twelve
venerable personages should so far slip out of the line of custom official duty as
well as decorum as to give any sort of contradiction direct
or indirect, in writing or so much as over to an
to this or any other effect, from such a situation, could not
have appeared more formidable in his eyes.

Hiding covering corruption under with the mask of and want of leisure,

the £24000. If the only demandants are capable of with
... little ceremony—the national expenditure.

Such is the fate of a man
who is unfortunate enough to
have wasted little faith of a
British Parliament.
If called upon in the
negative line of duty on a point
of truce they could give their
opinions like their predecessors
boldly and manifestly without
stopping to whether it would.
It does not follow that a single
individual amongst them would
by this universal signature put
a negative upon a single one
of the propositions contained in it.
He acknowledged for them
from denying it—my title
to compensation: knowing that
no compensation was intended to
be given &c.

be arguable or unarguable to
this or that number of the Governors.

He knows better things than
to give you this or any other excuse
for an official letter
for the faith or
of which he would have been
personally responsible.
Here as well in all former
on the subject had been
put off by him as long as it
was possible.

1. It might be true if all
the other for any thing that
could be known by each.
2. It could not be expected
that they should give an
opinion on any question not other
without reading
the documents.
3. It could not be expected that
they should be very strongly
inclined to draw out of the
line of their necessary duty
to read such a mass of documents
with nothing at the
end if the than
the idea of giving an opinion
not what is called Government to the number
of the .
4. The more indefensible the
conduct the more doubtless and
the task office of reaching
notice it will
of disapprobation.

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