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Letter 3d XVI. Improved prisons

Space for prevention of
disease necessary in
every System
—for work & separation
the characteristics of the
Penitentiary System.

Space for prevention of disease is indeed/a most indisputable improvement, how
wherever necessary, but an improvement that has no particular reference to penitentiary
discipline. Of this salutary discipline, space Space for separation space for working
appear may be stated as the two characteristic features, if it
so far as architecture is concerned.

Reformation or rather
not corruption the
object in Separation.
This is frustrated by
the non-
of the separation.

In the encrease of space of separation, reformation
or rather non-encrease of corruption,
was the object aimed at. This object will have been compassed
in a greater or less degree of perfection, according to the sufficiency
of the arch architectural means, and the use made of
them in the management.+ One great is
to point out to the obstacle to this end may appeared common to
apply in common, and without scarce any exception that I could observe
to these all these prisons: I mean the counteracting the effect
of separation want of compleatness in the plan of separation.
What matters is, whether there be certain times of the day,
in which the can not get are debarred from getting instruction from the reprobate,
if there are others in which they are brought together?/it remains open? the bar is removed? In the
place of useful learning, department of wholesome instruction, is a school the less a school
because the boys are not always in the school-room?

Separation not sufficient
for reformation
without work.
Space for both will
be grudged and thus
frequently not be to
be had unless the
work pays for the

Separation however, even though carried to the length of
solitude, is not of itself sufficient for reformation. To reformation, occupation
is necessary: occupation, profitable or at least innocent,
to fill up the mind, with useful ideas, or at least innocent ideas ones and prevent the conscience from
being filled up with mischievous ones and, by that repetition
to exclude prohibit the access of mischievous ones.

Covered Inclosed space, for whatever purpose, is not
to be had without expence. To pay for that expence, if work
be proposed to be done, it is necessary not only that work
shall be done, but done in such quantity and such quality
as to pay for equal the expence. It is in this way thus that+ reformation and
economy go hand in hand
. Work of some sort or other, profitable
or not profitable in point of economy, is necessary for reformation
But the less the expence of reformation, the less it will be grudged.

+ the interests of reformation
and those of economy are intimately
connected blended
and connected.

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