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Letter 3 XVI. Improved prisons

Waving my Lord, though but for the moment, my Lord, an observation suggested
by the hypothetical offer expressed by No 8,
I come now, my Lord, to the second part of my text.
Good or not good as it might be for the County Counties to be forced
to cover itself themselves with these improved prisons, so it so it is this will not suffer
itself to be forced
all of them at least suffer themselves to be thus

For the proof I betake myself once more to the testimony
of the worthy magistrate: in whose title page as well as in
his pamphlet survey, the so-called New Prison so called is comprised: I mean the so-called the beggarly neighbour
of the really new as well as courtly and costly
prison in Cold Bath Fields or palace in Cold Bath Fields: and
in whose testimony, as far as it goes, and let it point which what
way it will, I really have great confidence. and In whose his
title page as well as in his survey, the New Prison is comprized;
I mean the so-called New Prison, the old and beggarly
neighbour of the really new as well as costly and courtly
structure half prison half
palace, in Cold Bath Fields: What he says
of it is as follows—

+ Submitting to the
tax directly and actually imposed
upon them by, first by his Grace
and now by Your Lordship,
for the maintenance
of prisoners whom Parliament
has ordered elsewhere—
submitting to
the tax, perhaps for
want of having so clear distinct a view of the noble hands
to which they are indebted
for it as this disclosure
will now help them to,
they demur beforehand
to the so much heavier as well as
and less directly imposed
tax, also declared to be
in store for them—the
tax for loading them, a
la Vanbrugh
, with Blackburn

The tax for maintenance+

they are complaisant enough to submitt to, though not ever where
without a , because they know not very well how to help
themselves: the tax for architecture they may stand excluded from
loading themselves with, were it only that in that behalf his Grace's nor
Your Lordships pleasure has ever yet, I believe, been directly

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