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Letter 3

20 Decr 1802

XVII Hulk Mortality
Provisions of the
Act insufficient.

A pretence for making a place having been found Parliament
was to be applied to for the Salary, and an Act obtained for it.

The Act is passed, my Lord, and what is done by it?
In Matters of pressing ne- "extreme and pressing necessity"
are supposed; and by whom is the remedy to be applied? By "the Justices of his
"Majesty's Court of King's Bench"
—by a body of men who
a most august competent one while it exists, but which, for one knows not how many eight
months out of twelve has no existence. In Circuit
time for example while dispersed all over England, then it is they are to be all
"to take order" about a hulk—on the to act together at
with hundreds of miles between them, or the mischief which is so "extreme and pressing" is to
run on its course.

Duty of the Inspector, "one visit in each quarter": add to take a peep once four visits
"at least", "or oftener if occasion shall require".
Salary carefully limited: not to exceed £350 a year for
gentleman and clerk: and then "for all charges and expences":—
£87:10 a term for four terms, and not a penny for
a fifth. In this state of things what is the occasion
that shall require it? Time for going, if to any purpose
when unexpected: duty to go if use were the object of it, at
such times: penalty for the performance of such duty, trouble and
costs. Suppose a call to for such a visit—for the exercise of any such duty— by whom shall hear the
call be heard?—By the Inspector? every journey he takes is a fine upon him: as often as he gives his for at the for every time he hears it, he calls out
expence cuts out So much of his fees salary is cut out by it the charges
a Great slice off
The profits of his place By whose By Noble Lords, and or by Gentlemen who
are supposed to think for them?—When it was their own business, they there was nobody to think
they thought nothing about the they starved matter: they destroy'd
for them they suffered none to be starved by hundreds before they
thought about it: when henceforward, after they have made it other peoples business
thought about it, and when they have paid a gentleman
is that a time for thinking of it
for thinking for them, is that a time for them to begin? will
they then begin to think about it? is this a time for them to

men by hundreds, for want of thought. Henceforward, and that they
begin to think about it, will that make them more alert
to think about it?
have made it other people's business,
think of it—now made a pretence for as they think, not thinking of it
now that they have got rid of it, by turning it over to other
hands that they have provided them selves with made a pretence for themselves for not thinking of
people will that make them in thinking about
it?—a pretence which they never/had all wrong is it now that they will
is that a time to begin to think of it?—will they if
any be more ready to think of it than before? when, upon the most
favourable of all possible constructions the best that can be said is, that they thought about bestowed a thought upon it before?

Thus much as to principle: now for experience. The time
is short: but yet not to short, but that experience crowds into it. Under
Lord Pelham if remedy is straw a standard Abuse in makes hasty strides. At
strides by its strides the speed which it is in the power of encouragement to produce.

+ so much as the
charge of the journey
amounts to

the solemn of
then are ordered
for execution by units
they by justice are shared by
hundreds by neglect
they are shared with law without
law by scores and

Would I have starved
them? am I so fond of
men starving men, as
to pay £100 a piece
for the pleasure of it.
I am selfish
call me any every thing but that
of superior intelligence & wisdom
which so to great little
new or great places.

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