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27 Decr 1802 + 3

The plan being to be made, by whom was it to be
filled? By any body that had so made a the will to do perform fulfill
the duties of it? by any body who had so much as
the power? — Alas! no: — under Lord Pelham such
requisites are not required.

Had the removal of the abuse been the object, one
description of persons were marked out by conscience since, the nature of the case, as
the persons to be advised with at least, about the choice. They,
it is scarce necessary to say, were the persons, by from whose
spontaneous and disinterested exertions the knowledge of the existence of the mischief had been
obtained. Here, at were In that quarter any rate appeared at any rate the fairest presumption in respect
of the will
to will the clearest proof of a disposition at least, to do what
depended on them
not to grudge to do what
ever exertions might be done with most effect towards the application of a suitable remedy, howsoever
that disposition might might be over-ruled by other circumstance
. noted and A man may indeed have been
fit for giving information of a mischief & and yet be altogether
unfit for applying to be employed in the application of the remedy.
a the <add>mere circumstance of</add> a man's having given information of in a mischief, the
inf conclusion is certainly far enough indeed from being a necessary
one, that whether obtainable or not obtainable, to himself become a fit person to be employed in the
application of a remedy. Or however A person so
circumstanced is however the first person that the idea of whom would instantly
present himself itself in that view, to supposing him
not set aside by other specific circumstances considerations. I mean
always in the mind seen eye of any official person, the official <add>a supervisor person</del></add> to whom about the
remedying cure of the mischief was either the sole object or
so much as the primary object in view. In the eye view of such a person, to a
person who had
man, in whose instance in whom such prima facie evidence of
fitness had manifested itself, would naturally present itself himself as standing first upon
the list of candidates.
Is an eye regarding the so mind contemplating the subject in any such point of view, a the idea of a

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