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Letter 3

28th Decr 1802

XVII. Hulk Mortality

The gentleman who comes out of the pocket is of course the friend of the
owner of the pocket out of which he comes.— What are his other titles?

Who is this friend? To me, who neither am known
nor know, he so known by nothing but a name: nor
even by name shall he be spoken of by me.+1 What is
on record—what is public—may be mentioned without
difficulty reserve: and that it is altogether quite sufficient for the purpose.
A Police Magistrate at Lord Pelham, on coming into
office, find him a Police Magistrate at £400 a year:
By one of Lord Pelham's two exertions, to this £400 is
added another £100, God knows why or wherefore:
and for 's sake, and because it could not be
done otherwise—+2indifferent and non favourites all together, share the
boon with favourites. This not being yet sufficient
for so much merit—for a gentleman when the gentleman
on t'other side of the wainscot has the happiness to members
among two friends—£350 a year is in this claim choice/select
instance added to it: and thus it is that substantial use is the labours of the benevolent
Just Visitors busy-bodies are turned to use are not lost derived from the aerial
labours of the well-meaning busy-bodies.

+1 In matters of this
kind—where public money
is thus disposed of—in my
estimate at least which never

In all such matters
in my account
according to my estimate

looks for any thing more than
human in the of men—
In largesses such as
of the public
those, not the acceptor receiver
but the donor—is to blame
I had almost used
another word—is to
+2 In the whole corps of
the Police-(Magistrate
I mean—for as to drudges
who must attend, and
must understand the
business, the case is different)
the whole of the privileged order.

(a) note about the Clerks

A gentleman, whose whole time had been bought already
for the public, is thus twice over paid for it: paid under
the old Act, overpaid for self and Co by one of these
two new Acts, overpaid again by the other of these two new Acts—
by an Act made in the same breath breath—an Act made
for the sole and separate use of this single gentleman. Two
Acts made in a breath uno flatu for one gentleman, both of them under
Lord Pelhams auspices: both of them at this instance for a friend of the
gentleman on t'other side the wainscot. One to pay a
gentleman a second time for business for which in his own
estimation, as proved by the very best evidence—his own acceptance
—he had been paid enough already; another to call him
off from that very business, pay and overpay still continued.
One for making the Police worthy Magistrate receives more money:
the other for making him do less service.+3

+3 In these two Acts we see

two Acts and but
two ones
the two signs of life
exhibited by Ld Pelham Your Lordship
during an administration of |^^^| months:
two measures sanctioned
each by an Act on purpose
by two Acts, and the two
Acts are these. Two Acts
both of them to provide for
one gentleman, a gentleman already
provided for in a situation
always beseiged by candidates: one
Act to encrease his
the other to reduce his .

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