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[Botany Bay]

Our victuals would do in quantity: but the quality
is so bad, and the cooking so nasty, that nothing but
climming [starving] can force a man to eat it. We
have meat for dinner one day, and bread and cheese
the other: boiled barley for breakfast, and burgon for
supper: neither, good nor clean: so that they that can
get any thing eat but litle of the ship's allowance.
This is a very bad place ....It is impossible to live
here long.

Well, Sir, but this correspondent of your's who is
he? "him of miser my Lord: but yet not the less but the
more credible, for his place unvarnished in his undesigned and artless tule. [+]1 [+] Had the person written
to been a person from
whose interpretation any
the faintest hope of relief
could have been
conceived, motives for
exaggeration at least
if not for absolute
untruth might have
been imputed, and
not altogether without
cause. The fact is —
that written to a shorter
though not companion
in affliction, as above
described, it fill by mere
accident, though not
without sufficient authentication,
into the hands
of a gentleman by
whose permission the
copy I have (the
original having been also in my
hands) was obtained.

But his name, Sir? — To my Lord: there your
Lordship will have the goodness to excuse me. I have
read Don Quixote, my Lord: I will not follow his
example. The lash scourge of the master tyrant shall not be aggravatedmade to brought down
fall with redoubled force upon the back of the eviction, by an interference so
powerless on my part, so unefficacious, so much worse than unefficacious elsewhere. To a Committee
of the House of Commons ... Yes my Lord at any
time: not to his Majesty's Secretary of State, so long as
Lord Pelham continues his Majestys Secretary of State.
not to best of all to the gentleman behind on the other side the wainscot,
so long as he continues on the other side of the wainscot.
of complaint frank frank disclosure to Lord Pelham, what wouldcould be expected to be the consequence? -
Let experience - recent experience - speak.
To the Inspector an additional hundred a year to question
his exertions: perhaps an assitant or a Deputy, to support
him under them. As to the wretched letter-writer an
additional port hole stopt up + and the repose of his office [+]2 would [+]2 might be securedmade
a secure for ever against all

not be disturbed by any repetition of his impertinence.

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