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27 Letter 3d

those very jails, in which (as his Grace had been informed
but the year before by the official Report
above quoted * * supra p.) the Convicts even without the benefit
of any such "crowding" as he consigns them to, and
for terms longer than the legal terms, are "emaciated
many" of them by "long confinement" and that
to such a degree as to be "unable to work" as well
as "unfit to proceed to Botany Bay", and on that
account "rejected". —

Such Your Lordship sees) was his Grace's plan:-
He was to "crowd" the "Country Gaols"; crowd them with
Convicts forbidden by Parliament to be put there; crowd
them till they were crowded to such a degree that the
crowded state of them should have rendered the uncrowding
of them "absolutely necessary": and it is by this alternate
crowding and uncrowding of the existing Gaols, that
somebody else — any bo body else that chose to be put at the

terms, in numbers altogether unlimited, and in the declared
view of "crowding" these receptacles to the verge of "absolute
"necessity", for the purpose of preventing them from being
"neglected"; fencing "the respetctive Counties to defray the expences
"attending the custody" of these illegally obtruded inmates
for the express reason, because oif thuis servant of the Crown
thuis single Lord of Parliament were not of his own sole
authority thus to impose this tax upon the already
overloaded parts of his Majesty's subjects these "expences
"must" (as he phrases it) "be borne by Government": i:e:
borne by the whole body of his Majesty's subjects - borne
by the fund but able to bear it —them — borne by the
fund assingned by Parliament. — expence

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