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expence, was to be forced to erect bigger ones: — What in
this case is the abuse, the cure of which constitutes
that "improvement" the "spirit" of whilch his Grace is
thus anxious to encourage? - It is the crowded state
of the existing Gaols. What is the course taken by his
Grace for the cure of this abuse? — the crowding them
still more. The person whose duty is to put an end
to the grievance, & who could put an end it to it
if he would, determines to increase it, that thou who
cannot be forced, and will not be forced, may thus
be forced to remove it.* * note in separate page

And now, my Lord, without any on my part
Your Lordship has seen as it were by a side glance
and at an earlier period than I had proposed, the
fourth & last of the four grounds of seling relinquishment,
of the three first of which my first Letter
presents a birds' eye view. To, do any thing like compleat
justice to it would be too wide a digression
from the present purpose.

Instead of these four grounds of relinquishment
for which the only apology if they admitted of any
would be that they were never intended to transpire,
ousted of all these transparencies would it not have
been more manly, my Lord, and quite as safe, to
have sent for some friend to the measure, Sir Charles
Bunbury for example, and given him at once a good
practical substantial reason, true or false, such as a
gentleman could understand ? — You see, Sir Charles,
this thing can't go on, Lord such a one is against
it: we have passed our words to him, His Stewards indeed

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panopticon versus new south wales

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letter was never sent; see note 8 to letter 1747, vol. 7

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