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maintenance they are complaisant enough to submitt to,
though not every where without a murmur, because
they know not very well how to help themselves: the
tax for architecture they may stand excused from loading
themselves with, were it only that in that behalf
neither his Grace's nor your Lordship's pleasure, has ever
yet, I believe, been directly signified.

For proof I betake myself once more to the
worthy Magistrate: in whose testimony, as far as it goes,
let it point what way it will, I really have great
confidence. In his title page, as well as in his survey
the New Prison is comprized: I mean the so called
New Prison, the old and beggarly neighbour of the vastly
new as well as costly and courtly structure half prison
half pl palace, in Cold Bath Fields: What he says of it is
as follows —

N<hi rend='superscript'>o</hi>. 1. Page 41. "Few places of confinement can be under
"worse regulation than the New Prison .... The arrangement
of the prison itself is such, as renders it impossible
"to prevent its being one of the most dreadful seminaries
"of vice and profligacy that can be imagined."*

N<hi rend='superscript'>o</hi>. 2 Pages 42, 43. "Four years ago ... plan and estimate
... laid before the Court: the business was postponed
"sine die, under the idea, that the County rate, already
"burthened in a great variety of ways, would be found ina-
"dequate without great inconvenience, to the additional
"expenditure of £4000. But may we not hope, if application

*In this respect, at the worst not as bad as the Hulks: nor yet a great
deal worse than the Cold Bath Fields Prison, if it be true, as I
suspect, without being able to affirm it to a certainty, that the worst
and the best are together there at sometimes though not at all times.

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