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Crit. Jur. Crim. Account of the working Convict.

Mr Campbell is thinking of some employment for bad
weather when it is impossible to leave the ship, but nothing
can ever be done at night for fear of fire. The
Fires, of wood, picking of Oakum. kept burning all day & carried round to every
part of the ship — the ship often washed with vinegar
— hardly any disagreeable smell between decks, bathing allowed at first but now prohibited as unhealthsome

3 Meals a day — Hot Rice for breakfast — ox cheek
1 lb. pr. man & a pound of bread for dinner — cheese & the
remains of the bread for supper — a quart of small beer
a day — & ban plenty of vegetables & some fruit —
2 banyan days in the week when they have rice for
dinner instead of meat. The water all filtered — We saw the filtering stones. — the stone cleaned every
day — No strong liquors, nor provisions, nor money allowed
to be given them by their friends, except to the sick, & that
under the inspection of the surgeon & an officer.

A very considerable sickness & mortality which Campbell
says is concealed as much as possible — The diseases
chiefly putrid fever & Con Spirits — some swelled lips
from cold — no agues — Mortality greatest among the country convicts.

The Surgeon of one of the battalions of artillery attends
the ships every day & Dr. Irvine the Surgeon general
once a week.

The forecastle of the Censor is fitted up for a hospital — tolerably sweet & clean —
the sick [+] at present between 20 & 30 the beds very close together, almost touching 5 or 6 in bed
[+] in that ship when
about 2 thirds of the
convicts are confined, —

but only one dangerously ill. Ld Barrington said who superintends
the hospital — Dyram had that place but embezzled
the refreshments as well as the money that was given him to buy them, & he was whipped for it!

A Methodist preacher belonging to Lady Huntingdon petitioned
to attend the convicts — Service every Sunday & attended
to with great decorum — The parson has distributed among

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