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Box 117 contains unpublished material pertaining to Bentham's unrealised panopticon penitentiary scheme.

This set of manuscripts contains a variety of material. The first 250 folios or so is from an earlier period, and is largely comprised of collectanea, including an account of working conditions for prisoners aboard the prison hulks moored in the Thames (Bentham himself visited one of these fetid prison ships); a translation into French of Panopticon, which Bentham presented to the French National Assembly in 1791; a drawing of a 'sawing machine' devised by Jeremy's younger brother, Samuel; various items of correspondence; and Bentham's account of his travails in acquiring the Millbank estate, on which the panopticon was supposed to have been built.

The latter half of the material dates from around 1811, and is connected to the government's resumption of interest in the panopticon penitentiary around 1809-1811 (and the subsequent dropping of the scheme, for a second and final time). These manuscripts contain Bentham's letters to the Treasury over arrangements for this panopticon, and his case for compensation. There are also three letters to George Holford, an known anti-Benthamite who chaired the 1811 Penitentiary Committee, to which Bentham gave evidence under frequently hostile questioning. The Holford Committee's report gave a damning picture of the panopticon, and these manuscripts contain Bentham's bitter response.

The material is arranged as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 2: Account of the working convicts on the prison hulks [1778]
  • Folios 3 to 23: Panoptique - Mémoire, Bicêtre proposal (in both French and English) [1791-92]
  • Folio 24: Panopticon machinery, Samuel Bentham's sawing machine [1792]
  • Folios 25 to 54: Panopticon correspondence [1791]
  • Folios 55 to 97 : Temporary Panopticon, to George Rose [1798]
  • Folios 98 to 149: Panopticon collectanea - includes examination of Jeremy Bentham, 23 June 1798; examination of Patrick Colqhoun, 1798; Tothill Fields [1750-98]
  • Folios 150 to 190: Panopticon collectanea - Salisbury, Millbank Estate, Bentham to John Donne and Benjamin Hodges [1800]
  • Folios 191 to 253: Panopticon collectanea. Includes:
    • Narrative history of the purchase of the estate of the Marquis of Salisbury at Millbank, Westminster [1800]
    • Earlier symptoms, Mr Bentham to Mr Rose [1798]
    • Bentham to Long [1800]
    • Correspondence of Mr Bentham with Messrs. Addington and Vansittart [1801]
    • Panopticon narrative
  • Folios 254 to 262: Bentham to Lord Pelham - 3rd Letter [1802]
  • Folio 263: New South Wales? [1802]
  • Folios 264 to 288: Bentham to the Treasury, Letters I and II [1811]
  • Folios 289 to 291: Bentham to the Treasury, Letter II, Females [c.1811]
  • Folios 292 to 303: Bentham to the Treasury, Letter III, Compensation [1811]
  • Folios 304 to 313: Bentham to the Treasury, Letter IV, Disposal of country convicts [1811]
  • Folios 314 to 316: Committee on Penitentiary houses [1811]
  • Folios 317 to 327: Panopticon memorandum [1811]
  • Folios 328 to 341: Panopticon, Bentham to George Holford, Letter I [1811]
  • Folios 342 to 373: Panopticon, Bentham to George Holford, Letter II [1811]
  • Folios 374 to 395: Panopticon, Bentham to George Holford, Letter III [1811]
  • Folios 375 to 437: Bentham to the Penitentiary Committee, Letter III [1811]

A pre-publication text of Writings on Australia, eds. T. Causer and P. Schofield, in which is included folios 254–60 from this box, is available to download for free from the UCL Digital Repository [1].

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JB/117/034/003‎ JB/117/034/004‎ JB/117/035/001‎ JB/117/035/002‎ JB/117/035/003‎ JB/117/035/004‎ JB/117/036/001 JB/117/036/002‎ JB/117/036/003‎ JB/117/036/004‎ JB/117/037/001‎ JB/117/037/002‎ JB/117/037/003‎ JB/117/037/004‎ JB/117/038/001‎ JB/117/038/002‎ JB/117/038/003‎ JB/117/038/004‎ JB/117/039/001‎ JB/117/039/002‎ JB/117/039/003‎ JB/117/039/004 JB/117/040/001‎ JB/117/040/002‎ JB/117/040/003‎ JB/117/040/004‎ JB/117/041/001‎ JB/117/041/002‎ JB/117/041/003‎ JB/117/041/004‎ JB/117/042/001‎ JB/117/042/002‎ JB/117/042/003‎ JB/117/042/004‎ JB/117/043/001‎ JB/117/043/002‎ JB/117/043/003‎ JB/117/043/004‎ JB/117/044/001‎ JB/117/044/002‎ JB/117/044/003‎ JB/117/044/004‎ JB/117/045/001‎ JB/117/045/002‎ JB/117/045/003‎ JB/117/045/004‎ JB/117/045/005‎ JB/117/046/001 JB/117/046/002 JB/117/046/003 JB/117/046/004 JB/117/047/001‎ JB/117/047/002‎ JB/117/048/001‎ JB/117/048/002‎ JB/117/048/003 JB/117/049/002 JB/117/050/001‎ JB/117/050/002JB/117/050/003‎ JB/117/050/004‎ JB/117/051/001‎ JB/117/051/002JB/117/051/003 JB/117/051/004JB/117/052/001 JB/117/052/002JB/117/052/003JB/117/053/001‎ JB/117/053/002 JB/117/055/001‎ JB/117/056/001 JB/117/068/001‎ JB/117/081/001‎ JB/117/082/001‎ JB/117/083/001‎ JB/117/084/001‎ JB/117/085/001‎ JB/117/085/002‎ JB/117/085/003‎ JB/117/085/004‎ JB/117/086/001‎ JB/117/086/002‎ JB/117/086/003‎ JB/117/086/004‎ JB/117/087/001‎ JB/117/087/002‎ JB/117/087/003‎ JB/117/087/004‎ JB/117/088/001‎ JB/117/088/002‎ JB/117/088/003‎ JB/117/088/004‎ JB/117/089/001‎ JB/117/089/002‎ JB/117/089/003‎ JB/117/090/001‎ JB/117/090/002‎ JB/117/090/003‎ JB/117/090/004‎ JB/117/091/001JB/117/091/002JB/117/091/003‎ JB/117/091/004JB/117/092/001‎ JB/117/092/002‎ JB/117/092/003‎ JB/117/092/004JB/117/093/001‎ JB/117/093/002 JB/117/093/003‎ JB/117/094/001‎ JB/117/095/001 JB/117/095/002‎ JB/117/095/003‎ JB/117/095/004 JB/117/096/002JB/117/096/003‎ JB/117/097/001‎ JB/117/097/002‎ JB/117/097/003‎ JB/117/098/001‎ JB/117/098/002‎ JB/117/098/003‎ JB/117/098/004‎ JB/117/099/001‎ JB/117/099/002‎ JB/117/099/003‎ JB/117/099/004‎ JB/117/100/001‎ JB/117/100/002‎ JB/117/100/003‎ JB/117/100/004‎ JB/117/101/001‎ JB/117/101/002‎ JB/117/101/003‎ JB/117/102/001‎ JB/117/102/002‎ JB/117/102/003‎ JB/117/102/004‎ JB/117/103/001‎ JB/117/103/002‎ JB/117/103/003‎ JB/117/103/004‎ JB/117/104/001‎ JB/117/104/002‎ JB/117/104/003‎ JB/117/104/004‎ JB/117/105/001‎ JB/117/105/002‎ JB/117/105/003‎ JB/117/105/004‎ JB/117/106/001‎ JB/117/106/002‎ JB/117/106/003‎ JB/117/106/004‎ JB/117/107/001 JB/117/107/002‎ JB/117/107/003‎ JB/117/107/004‎ JB/117/108/001‎ JB/117/108/002‎ JB/117/108/003‎ JB/117/108/004 JB/117/109/001 JB/117/109/002 JB/117/109/003 JB/117/109/004 JB/117/110/001 JB/117/110/002 JB/117/110/003 JB/117/110/004‎ JB/117/111/001‎ JB/117/111/002‎ JB/117/111/003‎ JB/117/111/004‎ JB/117/112/001 JB/117/112/002 JB/117/112/003 JB/117/112/004 JB/117/113/001‎ JB/117/113/002‎ JB/117/113/003JB/117/113/004 JB/117/114/001JB/117/114/002JB/117/114/003JB/117/114/004JB/117/115/001‎ JB/117/115/002 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JB/117/161/004‎ JB/117/162/002‎ JB/117/162/003 JB/117/162/004 JB/117/163/001‎ JB/117/163/002‎ JB/117/163/003‎ JB/117/164/001 JB/117/167/001 JB/117/173/001‎ JB/117/174/001 JB/117/174/003‎ JB/117/175/001‎ JB/117/176/004 JB/117/179/002‎ JB/117/179/004 JB/117/181/002‎ JB/117/181/003‎ JB/117/181/004‎ JB/117/182/002‎ JB/117/185/001 JB/117/186/001 JB/117/187/001 JB/117/188/001‎ JB/117/188/004 JB/117/191/001 JB/117/192/001 JB/117/193/001‎ JB/117/196/001‎ JB/117/197/001‎ JB/117/198/001‎ JB/117/199/001‎ JB/117/200/001‎ JB/117/201/001‎ JB/117/202/001‎ JB/117/203/001‎ JB/117/204/001‎ JB/117/205/001‎ JB/117/206/001‎ JB/117/208/001‎ JB/117/209/001‎ JB/117/210/001‎ JB/117/211/001‎ JB/117/213/001‎ JB/117/215/001‎ JB/117/216/001‎ JB/117/217/001‎ JB/117/218/001‎ JB/117/221/001‎ JB/117/223/001‎ JB/117/244/001‎ JB/117/250/001‎ JB/117/250/002 JB/117/251/001‎ JB/117/251/002‎ JB/117/252/001‎ JB/117/252/002‎ JB/117/252/003‎ JB/117/252/004‎ JB/117/253/001‎ JB/117/253/002‎ JB/117/253/006‎ JB/117/254/001‎ JB/117/255/001‎ JB/117/256/001‎ JB/117/257/001‎ JB/117/258/001‎ JB/117/259/001‎ JB/117/260/001‎ JB/117/261/002‎ JB/117/261/003‎ JB/117/261/004‎ JB/117/261/005‎ JB/117/262/001‎ JB/117/262/002‎ JB/117/262/003‎ JB/117/262/004‎ JB/117/262/005‎ JB/117/262/006‎ JB/117/263/001 JB/117/264/001‎ JB/117/265/001‎ JB/117/266/001‎ JB/117/267/001‎ JB/117/268/001‎ JB/117/269/001‎ JB/117/270/001‎ JB/117/271/001‎ JB/117/272/001‎ JB/117/273/001‎ JB/117/274/001‎ JB/117/275/001‎ JB/117/276/001‎ JB/117/277/001‎ JB/117/278/001‎ JB/117/279/001‎ JB/117/280/001‎ JB/117/281/001‎ JB/117/282/001‎ JB/117/283/001‎ JB/117/284/001‎ JB/117/285/001‎ JB/117/286/001‎ JB/117/287/001‎ JB/117/288/001‎ JB/117/289/001‎ JB/117/290/001‎ JB/117/291/001‎ JB/117/292/001‎ JB/117/293/001‎ JB/117/294/001‎ JB/117/295/001‎ JB/117/296/001‎ JB/117/297/001‎ JB/117/298/001‎ JB/117/299/001‎ JB/117/300/001‎ JB/117/301/001‎ JB/117/302/001‎ JB/117/303/001‎ JB/117/304/001‎ JB/117/305/001‎ JB/117/306/001‎ JB/117/307/001‎ JB/117/308/001‎ JB/117/309/001‎ JB/117/310/001‎ JB/117/311/001‎ JB/117/312/001‎ JB/117/313/001‎ JB/117/314/001‎ JB/117/314/002‎ JB/117/314/003‎ JB/117/315/001‎ JB/117/316/001‎ JB/117/317/001‎ JB/117/318/001‎ JB/117/319/001‎ JB/117/320/001‎ JB/117/321/001‎ JB/117/322/001‎ JB/117/323/001‎ JB/117/324/001‎ JB/117/325/001‎ JB/117/326/003‎ JB/117/327/001‎ JB/117/327/002‎ JB/117/327/003‎ JB/117/327/004‎ JB/117/335/001‎ JB/117/338/001‎ JB/117/339/001‎ JB/117/340/001‎ JB/117/362/001‎ JB/117/363/001‎ JB/117/364/001‎ JB/117/365/001‎ JB/117/366/001‎ JB/117/367/001‎ JB/117/368/001‎ JB/117/370/001‎ JB/117/371/001‎ JB/117/372/001‎ JB/117/400/001‎ JB/117/401/001‎ JB/117/409/002‎ JB/117/410/001‎ JB/117/410/003‎ JB/117/411/003‎ JB/117/412/001‎ JB/117/416/001‎ JB/117/417/001 JB/117/419/001 JB/117/420/001‎ JB/117/421/001‎ JB/117/433/001‎ JB/117/435/001‎

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