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4) Crit. Jur. Crim. Account of the working Convicts

them £15 worth of bibles & instituted little premiums to
make them read. The premium was 1/2 a crown given for as
many as could find out <add>the two chapters in the Bible that are
alike</add> was not this contrary to rule. He preaches 1-1/2 hour at
a time.

Overseer —
The appointment of the overseer nominally t by the
Quarter Sessions of Middlesex but really by the Treasury.

— his power —
All regulations not made by the act are made by the
overseer, who holds his plan during good behavour.

No provision for the expence in the first act — a Grant
the sum granted

last sessions — Campbell find every thing by contract
Provision, cloath, guards & even the ships.

Coroner —
A Coroner has lately set on the dead bodies the expence
of which Campbell thinks must fall on the Cy
of Kent.

Behaviour at
work — value of it

The men remarkably silent at work — dont talk even
to one another — no swearing — Campbell indeed was present
all the time we were there: He says they do more
work by one half than common workmen & that for the
last 6 months they have not cost the public £500
more than the value of their labour, in which he did
not include the benefit to the river — allows that he
has a good bargain.

Schemes —
He proposes that when the work at Woolwich is finished to
employ them in securing the banks of the Thames, which
is now done at a great expence by the commissioners of sewers
The tax called Wallscot being in some places 10S an acre
on the Marsh Lands.

Brewery proposed.
Discharge — made
& effect of.

He is going to erect a brewery in the ship (Censor)
About 50 have been discharged — Some by application to
the court of K. B. but the greater part by letters of
from the King — These last do not receive the

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