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As to The details of construction, they can not be definitively
settled, nor consequently the building contract
made till some resolution is to sort of
settlement is come to with regard to the choice
of the manufacture. For suppose a very peculiarly
promising manufacture offers and the mode
of construction entered upon fixed agreed for upon is such as puts a
negative upon it? It shall will be my study however to give
it every latitude, and I have hit upon expedients for
the purpose.

What architect to
Such What architect to apply to? Mr
Such a man as Mr Blackburn perhaps would
give advice, and some pupil of his might be
got to execute itthe model. I could come at Mr Blackburn
I believe, by means of a common friend. I <add>have some little knowledge of
a very ingenious man, a Mr Reveley, but I know not whether he
has ever turned his thoughts to this particular line.</add>

The idea of having a model was your
suggestion. suggestion. I had forgot that my Brother had one made
which was actually before me!
That I question whether in conversation
we sufficiently separated that the business
of getting the model and that of getting
upon an architect for the contract. Were it not
Where for gra The former business must be a
preliminary to the latter, not a consequence.
It was not your idea to contract with any one
till I had done my best towards perfecting the
plan of construction. And this I could not do without the
advantage of consulting some architect whose opinion has that had a I could depend
upon title to confidence. The model with the advice
belonging to it is wanting now and here in England. But
some Architect for
the contract I am
apt to think can not
so well be had in England
as in Ireland.
I will the labours
submitting to you further on by earliest opportunity. [+]1

[+]1 As to my the
demand thousand what I said about
trying the experiment
in the great
with boards of canvass
it was only the random
idea of the
moment. It is neither
necessary nor perhaps
practicable. [+]2

[+]2 The model might and ought to be adapted to all the several
establishments to which the principle promises to be applicable.
Spppose Suppose four such establishments. This may be done either by fitting
the four quarters of the circle in the different manners: or completing the
whole circle in any one manner, and making parts in it capable of
being shifted. The most complicated and therefore most compleat is
the mode adapted to solitary confinement: and the variations from it would be made
chiefly by the simple removal of a few different parts which different degrees of
relaxation in the severity of the discipline would render unnecessary.

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