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that notwithstanding his reputation of ingenuity,
he may be not yet so thoroughly settled in business here
as to be aware to the going over to Ireland, where with
this basis to begin upon, & this introduction, he might
find himself at the head of things. It has been —
suggested to me by a friend of mine (with whom
this communication, as every other would be, is
in perfect safety) & who knows Revely by reputation,
that a man so qualified would be likely to be looked
upon as an acquisition to Ireland. Blackburn
being at the head of this line in the profession,
is probably wedded to his own ideas, and, if he
is like other men, could scarcely avoid being hurt
by a thing that tended to supersede them. Revely's
mind as he is a young man, is probably opon upon
this subject: & the prospect of eclipsing Mr.
Blackburn would be a spur to him. My notion
is therefore, after collectg what is to be collected
from Mr Blackburn which I am told he will be
very ready to communicate to address myself
to Mr Revely, & to apply to him for his Opinions
& for the model.

If the Gentlemen at the head of the management
of the House of Industry approve of the Inspection
plan, they will probably be glad to take your
recommendatn of Mr Revely or any body else.
It seems equally probable that they will be equally
glad to adopt your Ideas relative to the plan of
management connected with it: & to take their share
in the expence & the benefit of the Advertising plan
spoken of in my last. If there is nothing in their
Buss that prevents its uniting with the felon-business

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