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the two establishments might be placed Contiguous, & in that
Case the same system of Inspectn. the same system of
guardg. on the outside might serve for both: which might
be attended with with several advantages, if in other
respects such a junction should be thought not

Were you to take Mr. Revdy for example on
such terms at my recommendatn., your reputation
as well as mind would be in some sort pinned
upon his sleeve. Humbly conceivg. that it would be
equally foreign to either of us to let Mr. Revdy or Mr.
Any-body plunder the public of pounds that we might
plunder him of shillings, I think it would not be at
all difficult if he has common sense to make him
fully sensible of the impossibility of plunderg. were
he ever so much disposed to it. This I know, as to my
own part who have more time than you, that as far as
it fell within my power, there should not be a
nail driven of which I did not know the why
and the wherefore, though it required my going over to
Ireland on purpose: and of this I shod. give him the
most explicit warning. This His Character if it be
still what it appeared to be when I saw him is so
Open, that I think you would be able to look through
& through him at a first interview, and the same
properties would render him as far as the
Connection extendd., an excellent check upon the
persons, whoever they were, in whose hands the
managemt. was reposed. This is not to be neglected
for as you know much better than I, whoever was to
live there would be for getting as good a House, & as

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