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much of a House, as possible. But Mr Revely is(or at
least was) that sort of character, that if any body in
such a situatn. that sd to him. I sho<hi rend="superscript">d. like to have a
shelf put up in such a corner
— would have gone to you
and made a story about it.

Since I was with you, an Idea has secured occurred to me
in proof of the likelyhood there is that occasion may
present themselves of wishing to deviate from the
Original Contract. In the book the partitions that
divide the cells are supposed to be all of them of
brick or stone: in short fixed. It now occurs to
me that it would be better on sevl. accots. of a number
of them were to be of wood, so as occasionally to slide
in cost, 1st It might be better it shod. not be absolutely
out of every body's power to alleviate the punishment
either from the first of after a certn. time, by allowing
two or more to live together. This might seem a mighty
trivial concern to some persons writing & reading
like you and me at our case: but to the poor Devils in
questn. it might make the Difference betwixt rapture
& despair. I am speaking to one by whom this remark
I am sure be felt in its full force.

2. The more pliable, if one may say so, the constructn.
is left in this respect, the greater latitude is left with regard
to the choice of the manufacture: the less the danger
lost if the one first pitch'd upon shod. fail, the establishmt.
shd. be precluded from the benefit of takg. the next most
promising one in its Room.

Wood partitions might out off all manner of
intercourse as effectually I shod. conceive as Brick Walls
by being made double & thwe intervals filled up with sand
for example. In the mode of buildg. used in Japan, the outside
walls being fixed the number & relative dimension
of the apartments are varied at pleasure by partition
which shift like the seemes of our own Playhouses. The more
an inspection-house could be made to partake of the
Japaning still in this respect, the better,

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