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part of Government to engage for that number during
that time. It is, I understand, in contemplation to
send a ship soon to Botany Bay with 300. In the
above required 500 be the advance requisite in that
might would be by the £24,000 advance above required
would come in lieu of it. As far as ready money
is concerned

that time. The labour of the prisoners is a fund too
uncertain to reckon upon in a plan so confined in point of room in a situation so remote
from the seat of traffiick, and so unfavourable to the reception
of visitors and customers. I do not mean Employ them
I certainly would, thought not to a loss to the very
utmost: but the choice of employment and employers would be so much
narrowed, and the difficulty of the difficulty and expence of communication for that
purpose so much encreased, for so short a period after the commencement of the institution that no expectation of
returns to any certain amount could be safely built
upon such ground.

It is, I understand in contemplation to send a Vessel
soon to Botany Bay with 300. Whatever be the advance
on that score, the above required advance wuld
supersede the demand for it: The will which of the two advances
thus be made, in the course of 6 months, and even if this unsuccessful (though I don't now what there is to fail would least be the greater and to what degree you best know.
at so small moderate an expence as that of

Notwithstanding After all that has passed I can not help flattering
myself with the hope that it would afford some degree
of personal satisfaction, not only to yurslef, Sir, and
Mr Ross, but even to Mr Pitt and Mr Dundas, long lingering to see this
experiment of the building thus tried in so small a
span of time as 6 months, and at so small
an expence as that of £10,000, a sum not a third
of what government can on the bringing in of the Tothill Fields Appropriation Bill, government have been must have been prepared to advance.

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