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I Inclosed is a sketched, designed for a House of
Industry on the same principle for 2000 Paupers.
I would allot a building of the same equal content for the Prisoners without
requiring them requiring more than the 1250 above
mentioned, though made capable of stowing 1500 or
more might be stowed in it. Further A few farther
explanations accompany the figures.

The Bill for obtaining terra firma, it is
here along taken for granted, would go on run on not to say crawl on its
intended course. The Building being but a temporary one
would not be calculated to last longer than late
to the time by which the erection completion of the durable permanent building
might be to be depended upon, after allowance making the requisite
made allowance for disappointments and delays.

What I am thus suing for, to be spend every
penny of it in the public service (an obligation for
the fulfillment of which I am ready to find collateral
security if called upon) is no more than what I have
been in advance for several years it is now some years since at the personal requisition
ofMr Pitt. Should justice at length be taken for an
order of the day it will I hope be thought better fit
to make this disbursement even in the present time of
public need, rather than that my property which was
so long ago put in requisition should continue any longer
to be kept confiscated in a state of confiscation without any benefit to the

The building is would indeed be but a wooden one: but so are the
Hulks; the so are even some of the Prisons in which
French Prisoners are kept on land: and which consequently
are without the securities that would be possessed by this exposed prison
in common with the Hulks, besides the much superior
securities that are pending to it. It and it is its being a wooden one that enables me to answer so precisely for the time. It would be mounted on piles with two or three little Forts or Watch houses erected for greater security at convenient distance from it. As any in the
Treasury permanent Building was up, Government having furnished
me with the proposed ground for it, the public
the thought of the reduced price and let the reduction take place otherwise
of or establish to be the possession of

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