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3. A spot contiguous to Tothill Fields, and so situated
that the whole or at least a considerable part of
it, would be an essential and almost indispensable ingredient
in the composition of the stipulated quantity allotment
of 79 1/4 Acres for the Permanent Penitentiary House, if
Tothill Fields formed a part of it that allotment. It consists of three
parcels of land, all of them the property of Mr Wise of
near Woolwich, who has made used ineffectual
endeavours attempts endeavours to sell one of them by Auction, and would probably as I
understand from his agent
not be averse to the selling of the other two. No 1 (as I
shall call it) consists of little more than 2 Acres but,
having a Wharf upon it, besides a most spatious Carpenter's
shed and other Buildings, was valued by Mr
Willock the Auctioneer at £2,000; but, having been
put up to auction in June 1797, met with no purchaser
at that price. It is upon loan to the House of Campbell
and White
, lately upon the death of Mr Campbell reduced
to Mr White alone, who has 7 years out of 21 to
come in it. It is supposed he would not be disinclined
to get rid of it, as he makes little use of it:
and at any rate, the Owner in fee consenting, the
compulsive powers of the existing Act would reach it.
No 2 consists of a narrow slip of about 11 acres, contiguous
to and skirting the farther or West side of
Tothill Fields, and approaching very near to the existing Poor House, the intended site of the Penitentiary
House. It would be necessary to purchase it, were it
only for the purpose of getting rid of the stench produced
by a business carried on in one part of it, viz: that

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