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it, no precautions tending to secure it against dissipation
would meet with any repugnance on my part.
But if for argument sake I was to put the whole of it
into my pocket, I should remain still a Creditor—to I and to
know not what a large though very difficultly definable amount—for the damage I have sustained.

As to the last option, which I should suppose
would be looked upon as the most eligible one (viz: that which regards the land near Tothill Fields) the execution
of it might be tried in the first instance in the
way of private application, and without the actual exercise
of the compulsive powers. Should the exertion
of these powers prove inspensable, it might be effected
I humbly presume, under the existing Act. A Feoffee
would then be to be appointed for the Lots No 1, 2
abovementioned, (with or without No 3) stating those several
parcels of land as <add>so many
parts of the whole piece of Ground
intended to be purchased: for, the amount of the whole
being 79 1/4 Acres, it will hardly be said, that such
whole is not capable of existing parts—that one
part may not be purchased before another in whatever
order may be found most practicable—or that
the employing of the power such part amount of the power as is requisite for the obtainment of 13
Acres of out 79 1/4, must, by a quirk of law, repugnant to the evident intention of Parliament be construed
into an expenditure of the whole. Without
words of reservation, yes, for argument sake: but proper
words of reservation might and would be inserted.
Were ever the power to be considered as , the
of it would be no objection to the plan: since recourse
is to be had to Parliament at all events for additional powers for the Common Land.

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