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Aversion to such Powers is not inferior, and would be productive
of the same effects, if I saw by what possible means the business
could be done upon less unpleasant Terms.

My great comfort as well as my great encouragement at the
outset of the business was, the observation of a Spot, in the instance
of which, as it seemed to me, their difficulties had already been
overcome. It was upon the Ground of an Act of Parliament, and
of a decision that had been given upon it by a Tribunal of which
the twelve Judges formed a part, it was upon this Ground
coupled with other assurances, that I proceded in the outset of
the Business; it was upon the faith of another Act of Parliament
which the Committee have before them (I mean that of the 7th of July 1794)
that I persevered in it. Had it been said to me in those Days —
these Powers are employed in other Cases but they will not be in yours
my Property would have remained undissipated, and the Committee
would not have had this Trouble.

Tothill Fields possesses two properties essentially necessary to
the execution of my Plan: Vicinity to the Metropolis and Vicinity
to Water Carriage
: in my Manufactory Law Materials and
Finished Work are both of the Bulkiest Kinds, and a prompt
communication with the Market is indispensible, Vicinity to
the Metropolis is a condition much insisted upon by the original
Planners of the Penitentiary System (and most of all by Howard)
for the purposes of example and inspection. If a Place could exist,
of which it could be said that it was in no Neighbourhood, it
would be Tothill Fields, Two Prisons and four or five Poor Houses
of different Sorts already in existence will surely be sufficient to
shut the Door against objections on the Score of Neighbourhood.
I can say from Measurement, that no House, of an Account
Superior to a Tradesman's or a Public House, stands within a
Quarter of a Mile of the intended Building.

The Persons principally interested in the Character of
Proprietors, have been applied to with that respect and reverence
which is their due: a formal or decided Consent is more than
I have

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