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to the Parties (should any of the Newspapers in Question happen
to fall into their Hands). For the Notice being given in a manner
thus General, and which unless some more particular steps should be
taken might be apt in the present instance to fail of its intended
purpose. In the Country every body takes in a weekly Country
Newspaper, or hears of the Contents from them that do. Here in Town
nobody hardly without some professional reason takes in the
London Gazette.

If I had four of any Newspaper of Newspapers in which the
notice appeared I would take care of that convey they, one to the
Dean, another to the Rector of Saint Johns a third to the Vestry
of the United Parishes, and a fourth to some person of
influence, who would be qualified and disposed to prepare the Vestry
for the reception of it. Unfortunately it would be out of my
Power to obtain the Papers in question time enough: for, a newspaper
is never to be had after the day of its publication, nor
always at the latter end even of that day: and I could not
know beforehand with any certainty what day the Notice would
appear. If therefore you approve of my taking this course, in the
view of shewing a proper and prudent attention to the parties, (some
of whom are not altogether inattentive to punctilio) I must be
reduced to trouble you Sir for the Newspapers in question and at
any rate it would be of great use to me to be favoured with early
information of the time of their appearance.

I am sorry I cannot fill up the Blank left for you the date
of the Order. The Year (I believe) is 174: but the Month and the
day I have no ready means of ascertaining. I have the honor
to be, very respectfully,
Your most obedient
and Humble Servant
Jeremy Bentham.

Joseph White Esqr.
Sollicitor for the affairs
of his Majesty's Treasury.

No such communication
has however
been made besides
that is the Dn.
and Chapter: information
having been received,
that the Rector
of St John's has, as
, no claim: and
that the former communication having
been made to the Vestry
through the Dn. & Chapter
that channel was even
in the Vestry itself regarded
as the proper one.

Dr Smith may
perhaps recollect
Mr Bentham having
mentioned to
him (with such observations
as would
naturally present
themselves) that
some of the Inhabitants
had expressed
themselves offended
at his having made
application to the
Dean and Chapter
before he applied
to them.

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