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Amended Form of notice, alluded to in the above Letter.

Notice is hereby given, in pursuance of the Standing Order of the House of Commons of the ... of ... 1774, that application is intended to
be made to Parliament in the ensuing Session, for leave to bring
in a Bill, and to obtain an Act, to explain and amend an Act, made
in the 34th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty intitled "An
"Act for erecting a Penitentiary House or Houses for confining and
"employing Convicts". And to enable the Feoffee or Feoffees, to be appointed
under the authority of the said Act, to treat with the Dean of the
Collegiate Church of Saint Peter Westminster, for and in behalf of
himself and the Chapter of the said Church, as also with the Rector
of the Parish of the Parish of Saint John Westminster, and
with the Vestrymen of the United Parishes of Saint Margaret
Westminster and Saint John Westminster, in joint Vestry assembled,
in behalf of themselves and the several other Persons, interested
or claiming to be interested, in a certain piece of Waste
Land known by the name of Tothill Fields, situate in the said
two Parishes, for the purchase of their respective rights and
interests in and to such part of the said Land as shall be
found necessary for the purpose of the said Penitentiary Establishment,
after the reservation and allotment of a certain
Portion or Portions, to be divided among, and allotted in severalty
to, the several parties interested, in proportion to their
respective interests and exigencies, The words in the printed Advertisement are "rights and interests". "Interests and exigencies" had been preferred, because in point of quantity of ground, the supposed exigencies of the Parishes were known to be more extensive, than, in one event, their rights and legal interests would prove to be. This alludes to the ground wanted by them for a new Poor House. in such manner as Parliament
shall direct.

Mr White to Mr Bentham, in answer.


Your Marginal observation is better omitted, for
reasons which I could explain. If you look at the Gazette, you
will find, that in Notices of this trend the Order of the House
is not referred to. You will see the advertisement in the
Gazette of tomorrow Thursday and Saturday next after. In
the Times, True Briton, and Oracle of next week which will
be quite sufficient and fully comply with the order of the

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