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2 Nov. 1798

Heads of the Tothill Fields Inclosure Bill,
intituled, A Bill for explaining and amending an
Act made in the 34 Year of his present Majesty,
intituled, "An Act for erecting a Penitentiary House or
Houses for confining and employing Convicts.
" —

§. 1. p
Lot A. 34 Acres clear, to
be purchased for the
Penitentiary House. Parties
to be treated with for it —

Sect. 1. Power to Feoffee appointed by the Treasury to treat for the
purchase of Lot A in the Plan annexed, containing about 34 Acres
clear of Roads &c. out of about 56 Acres of which Tothill Fields consists.
Dean to treat for the Chapter. — Vestry of St. Margarets and St. Johns
for themselves and other Parishioners. —

§. 2. p.
Possession when to be
taken and on what conditions

Sect. 2. Feoffee to set a price upon the Land in the first instance,
by paying the price he values it at into the Bank — Feoffee thereupon
to take possession, so soon as the Parties have joined in accepting the
Price, or so soon as a Jury (who upon a refusal given, or Silence persevered
in for a Month, by any one of the Parties, are to be impanelled
for the purpose) have declared the offered Price sufficient: or, upon
their setting a higher price, so soon as he shall have paid in the Difference.

§. 3. p.
Treasury may accept of a
long Lease instead of the perpetuity. —

Sect. 3. Power to the Treasury to accept, instead of the perpetuity, a
Lease for 1000 years from the Dean and Chapter, if confirmed by
the other Parties.

§. 4. p.
Lot B (11 3/4 Acres Gross)
allotted to the Dean and
Chapter for a Cricket
Ground for the Scholars. —

Sect. 4. Allotment of Lot B (containing about 11 3/4 Acres) to the Dean
and Chapter for a Cricket Ground for the Scholars of the Kings School,
in compensation for their at present unlimited right; that they
may take their exercise free from disturbance by mean and improper Company. —

§. 5. p.
Lot C (6"A. 0"R 19 P Gross) the
Portion behind Rochester
Row, allotted to the
Parties for divers purposes,
in Portions and on Conditions
to be liquidated. —

Sect. 5. Eventual allotment of Lot C (being the Portion West of Rochester
Row containing about 6 Acres) to the Dean and Chapter and the United
Parishes for divers purposes — part for a new Poor-House or Alms-house
in the Room of the Five-Chimney House, which encumbers Lot A and
must be pulled down — The remainder to be either retained by the
Dean and Chapter or granted out by them to the United Parishes, according
to the Award of the Commissioners hereinafter spoken of. —

§. 6. p.
Commissioners to be
appointed by the Parties
to settle their respective
rights. —

Sect. 6. Appointment of three Commissioners for liquidating the rights
of the several Parties. — Dean and Chapter, United Vestry, and Feoffee
to name, each of them, one. Power to Commissioners or any two, or
one of them, to call for papers and examine the Parties upon Oath.

§. 7. p.
— Functions of the
Commissioners. —

Sect. 7. Functions of the Commissioners —
1st. As to Lot A to settle the share of each Party in the purchase Money.
2ly. To lay out each share in the purchase of other Land or otherwise
(determining whether the shares of the United Parishes shall be
held independently of, or under, the Dean and Chapter) and in the

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