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Heads of the Tothill Fields Inclosure Bill.

§. 18. p.
Expences how to be
defrayed —

Sect. 18. Expences which are to be defrayed out of the Purchase Money
for Lot A. 1st Expences of the Commissioners — 2ly Expences of taking
Surveys — 3ly Expences of making Roads, Drains,, and Fences, in and
upon Lot C and all other expences relative to Lot C in particular
except those relative to the Building, Fitting up, and Fencing the
new Poor—House. — Money to be Lodged in the Bank for these purposes,
and drawn for by the Commissioners, by Draught countersigned by
the Feoffee.— Expences particular to Lot B (the Cricket-Ground) to
be defrayed by the Feoffee as well as those particular to Lot A.—

§. 19. 4
Form and registration
of Commissioners Award &c

Sect. 19. Directions for the form of the Commissioners Award. Award,
with Plans and orders of Justices relative to the Roads, to be registered
in the Register's office for Middlesex. — Register's Fees for Searches
and Copies.— Award conclusive appealed from.—

§. 20. p
Powers for compelling evidence
and submission
to the Award.—

Sect. 20. Powers to Commissioners for compelling evidence from third
Persons. — Application to Chancery in case of contumacy. Prying
punishable as if in a Court of Record.—

§. 21.p.
Summary appeal to
Chancery against the

Sect 21. Appeal to Chancery from the Award or any proceeding of
the Commissioners. Court may direct the Commissioners what to do, or
Issue a new Commission, excluding any one or more of the Commissioners.
— In case of frivolous appeal. Costs to be bourne by the Parties or
their Agents as directed by the Court.—

§. 22.p.
Fulfillment of the obligations
imposed on the Feoffee
compellable by Chancery

Sect.22. Chancery, on Petition, may enforce the rebuilding of the
Poor—House, on the fulfillment of any other obligations imposed on
the Feoffee.

§. 23.p
Amendment of the existing
Penitentiary Act.—

Sect. 23. Amendment of the Act of the 7th of the 1794, in respect of
the Powers for purchasing Lands in severalty.—

Surveys may be taken of
the adjacent Lands

Sect. 24. Powers to Feoffee and to Commissioners for surveying the
Waste and other adjacent Lands — Powers under the Highway Act.
13.Geo.3.c. . .

§. 25. p
Power for exchange of

Sect. 25 — Feoffee, by the authority of the Treasury, may exchange Land
purchased under this Act, or that of the 7th of July 1794, for other
more convenient Land adjacent.—

Customary Clauses.—

Sect. 26. Customary Clauses Limitation of sections, pleading
general Issue, and treble Costs. —

Saving of Manorial

Sect 27. Customary saving Clause in favor of the Manorial
Rights of the Dean and Chapter.—

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