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Case relative to the Tothill Fields Bill.

In other points the Dean and Chapter on the one part,
and the United Parishes on the other, are by no means agreed
as to their respective right: the Inhabitants claim and exercise
the right of Pasture and depositing Rubbish: this the Dean
and Chapter do not oppose in fact, but say it is by their
allowance: and they claim a much greater right than what
belongs to the Lord of a Manor as such: viz. the right of granting
out the soil on Lease, which they say they have exercised in
divers instances; reckoning as one instance, a grant made by
them of the Scite of the Alms-Houses (Emery Hill's Alms-Houses)
that occupy a great part of Rochester Row. The Keeper's acceptance
of his place, without a Salary from the Dean and Chapter,
is a proof (they say) of his taking Fees from the Inhabitants:
and the submissions of the Inhabitants, to the payment
of such Fees, is a proof (it is added) of their not considering
themselves as not possessing an independent right, a right
that can stand without a permission from the Keeper, which
to that purpose is the same thing with a permission from
his principals. Painted Boards are likewise frequently seen
(thought they frequently disappear) forbidding Rubbish to be
deposited, but under direction of the Keeper, and forbidding
absolutely the carrying off the Soil; which however is often
times carried off, in Carts, by persons, some of whom at
least have been known to pay the Under Keeper so much a load
for his permission or connivance.

In this age of improvement and increasing population,
a situation which, notwithstanding the disadvantages above
spoken of, possesses the advantage of vicinity to the River
as well as to the seat of Government, could not escape the
observation of that Class of Builders to whom every uncovered
spot presents itself as a Field for speculation.

The fate of the few Buildings that were got up, out
of a considerable number that had been intended to be erected

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