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Case relative to the Tothill Fields Bill.

erected in the form of a Square encompassing Deans Yard (a
situation possessed of one of the above advantages, viz: vicinity to the
River, in an equal degree, and of the other in a much superior
degree) has been registered for these forty Years in the ruins that
have been the melancholy result of it. The ill success of that
great project (of which more will come to be said a little farther
on) did not quench the busy spirit of the Adams's, who in
1760 or within a year or two afterwards, which the new built
Houses in Dean's Yard were seeking in vain for Tenants,
came forward with a much greater project, according to which
the whole of Tothill Fields (excepting a small area reserved for
the recreation of the Westminster Scholars) was to have been
divided into Streets lined with Capital Houses. This plan,
pregnant with magnificent Ideas, and emblazoned in brilliant
colours, so far engaged the attention of the Dean and
Chapter of that day, that in the Year 1764 an advertisement
appeared in several of the Public Papers, inviting Builders
and others to take the Ground in Tothill Fields upon building
Leases. The advertisement had not long been in print, before
it gave birth to a counter-advertisement from the Vestries of the
United Parishes, warning the Persons invited, against listening
to the invitation. In the case of an ordinary proprietor, the
natural result of so adverse a proceeding would have been an
application to a Court of Justice for the purpose of
substantiating the rights which it disputed. The value of the subject
(were the quantum of rent obtainable in the event of successful
adoption of the Plan, to have been taken for the measure of
that value) could not have been regarded as being inadequate
to the expense of a law-suit, even of the most expensive kind.
But, whatever was the cause— a doubt with regard to the
existence of so extensive a right— a doubt with regard to the
eventual success of the plan, confirmed perhaps by the
silence of the Class of persons to whom the advertisement was

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