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Observations on the Tothill Fields
Inclosure Bill.

A Power is given to the Feoffee to treat for the Purchase of Lot A
Dean to treat for the Chapter — Rector of St. Johns for himself — vestries
of St. Margarets and St. Johns for themselves and their Parishioners.—
Sect.6. Appointment of 4 Commissioners Dean and Chapter — Rector of St. Johns united Vestries and Feoffee each to name one.—
Sect.7. To determine as to Lot B— whether any and what satisfaction
is to be made by the Dean and Chapter in respect to the Parishes
and the Rector of St. John's.—
Sect 11 Rector of St. John share in 4 Trustees 2 named by the Rector &
by the Feoffee.

In all the above quoted Clauses the Rector of St. John the Evangelist
is mentioned as having an Individual Interest separate and apart
from those of his own or of the United Parishes in the Land or the
produce of that Land which is by the present Bill to be assigned for
the erection of a Penitentiary House upon its Site. This Interest is by
the fourth Section of the said Act supposed to Arise from Tithes the words
are "To allot the Rector of St. Johns share of this Part in lieu of Tithes."

This is certainly a mistake. The Rector of St. Johns has no Tithes and
consequently no claim whatsoever as an Individual. His claims are general
as being connected with two Bodies Viz as a Pretend of the
Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster and as a Vestry man of
the Parish of St. John. The first of great the latter; probably, of but
little Importance. —

In an Act passed 1728: 1st Gio 2 — intituled an Act for making
Provision for the Rector of the New Church situate near Millbank
on the Parish of St. Margaret Westminster it is enacted

"To the end therefore that a due maintenance may be provided for the
"Rector and his Successors who shall attend the Service of God in the said

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