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Mr. Thomas Watts — £. 0 s. 10 d. 6
Mr. John Wright — £. 0 s. 10 d. 6
Mr. Waker — £. 0 s. 10 d. 6
Mr. Wyatt — £. 0 s. 10 d. 6
Mr. Williams — £. 0 s. 5 d. 0
Mr. Georger White — £. 0 s. 5 d. 0

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Mrs Woodmanston — £. 0 s. 5 d. 0

Mr. William Young — £. 0 s. 10 d. 6

Total of the Subscription — £. 342 s. 11 d. 6

Ceded Since
Mr Mattw Wiggins — 2 — 2 —
Chas Morgan Esqr.— 1 — 1 —

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The Church-Wardens and other Gentlemen of the Vestries of the said Parishes, who
are the COMMITTEE under the Act of Parliament, for conducting and regulating
the Affairs of the WATCH, and who have also at the Request of the
Vestries, undertaken the Management of the Purposes of the Subscription,
beg Leave to acquaint the Subscribers, the TWELVE PATROLES, armed with
Pistols and Cutlasses, are constantly moving every Night, from the setting of the
Watch, until the Time of the Watchmen going off in the Morning, in SIX
DIVISIONS, under the immediate and occasional Direction of RICHARD HUNTER,
the other wounded Watchman, who happily recovered, and who is appointed
Regulator of Patroles.

THE COMMITTEE meet in St. MARGARET'S VESTRY-ROOM, the first Wednesday
in every Month, to enquire into the Conduct of the PATROLE and WATCH,
and to reward or punish, as Occasion may be; and several Gentlemen frequently
attend, during the Watch Hours, to see to the Performance of the Duty.

THE COMMITTEE have, for effectuating the Purposes of the Subscription, disbursed
from the Fund as follow:

To Wages of Patroles from the 8th of August, 1782, to the 9th of May, 1783, viz. One
Regulator, 14s. per Week; One Assistant to the Regulator, 12s. per Week; and Ten
other Patroles at 10s. 6d. per Week each — £. 155 s. 16 d. 6
To the Expence of Pistols, Cutlasses, Powder, and Bullet — £. 24 s. 11 d. 0
To Great Coats for the Patroles — £. 6 s. 6 d. 0
To a Chest for the keeping of the Arms — £. 1 s. 15 d. 0
To Expences of Advertisements — £. 4 s. 16 d. 0
To Surgeon and Apothecary's Bills for the two wounded Watchmen — £. 3 s. 3 d. 6
To Expences attending the prosecuting James Messenger, who was convicted of the Burglary in
St. Margaret-street; tried and condemned on the Thursday, and executed on the Monday
following, with Four other notorious Villains — £. 9 s. 9 d. 8
To James Hairbottle, one of the Watchmen, during his Illness, he being quite incapable of
getting his Living — £. 7 s. 9 d. 6
Paid to Officers attending the Gentlemen in the Collection — £. 1 s. 5 d. 0
To the Patroles a Gratuity at Christmas — £. 2 s. 2 d. 0
To the Patroles and Watchmen occasional Rewards for particular Exertions in their Duty — £. 2 s. 0 d. 0
To Expences of Printing, &c. — £. 5 s. 11 d. 4

Total Disbursements — £. 224 s. 5 d. 6

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