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Foley to Hodges
small appendages

Parcels Forteys Watson late
Browns Chambers
Chamberlain –
Rent £51 clear of
Taxes commencement
25th June 1793 duration
10 1/2 years Covenant
Tenant to keep premises in
repair including 79
feet of embankment.
Covenant for Lessor's use
& Assigns to have of a passage from the
Common Yard to the Thames through Hodges
present distillery.
Unthanb possesses
this as Foley's
Assignee – but
does not use it.
Covenants of indemnity:
"against the performance
"of the covenants or other
"of them contained in
"a certain indenture
"of a Lease whereby
"the said do do holds
"the said premises".

Rent of Forteys
Fortey – 30..0
Watsons – 40..10
Chambers – 22..3
Chamberlains – 10..10

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Foley to Hodges

Rent – £40
Commencement 24
June 89 duration
14 1/2 Years Right
of way over the private
Road – granted by
Foley to Hodges
parcels includes
the garden dimensions
from North to
South toward the
River 82 West side
79 North Do 31 ft
South 28 ft 5 ins
Dimensions of part
of the Bank or Wharf

Parcels House with
the Appurtenances
Out building a Brew
House with the Appur
Garden Ground in or
near the Wall or Bank
dimensions in front
on the E side towards
the River from North
to S 79 ft – W side
73 ft 6 ins depth
from E to W on the
N side 56 ft 6 ins
S side 56 ft abutting
E on a piece of Ground
called Bank or Bank
piece W on a ditch
that divides the sd
piece of Ground hereby
demised from the sd
Garden N on the
Bank piece S on
the Brewhouse also
all that part of

---page break---

the Bank or Wharf
lying between the
piece of Ground last
mentioned and the
River contents as
above – Hodges
to deliver up premise
in as good plight as
when the first Leases
were granted casualties
by fire excepted.
Mem. Mr H's
dwelling House consists
of two Houses so entered
in the parish Books
the Houses were under
separate Leases payment

On measurement
made 22 Mar. 1800by Mr Hodges
present J.B. & H.K.
Extent of Distillery
d Extent of the 5 Houses including Mr Hodges,
exclusion of Forteys.
76 – 6 Houses
including Passage.

Lawful for B.H. his
Exors Admors & Assigns
to remove & take away
from the sd premises at
any time hereafter all
such erections & buildings
which the sd W.H. a
the sd B.H. has
already erected & built
or may at any time
hereafter erect & build
on the sd premises
hereby demised or any
part thereof –

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