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Memorandum of the a Contract or Agreement made the
day of March, one thousand eight hundred between
Benjamin Hodges of Milbank in the Liberty of Westminster Distiller, and Jeremy
Bentham of Queens Square Place in the City of Westminister Lincolns Inn in the County of
Esquire Middlesex and also of Queen's Square
Place in the City of Westminster Esquire.

Whereas under and by virtue of an Act passed
on the 7th of July in the year one of our Lord one thousand
seven hundred and ninety four and being the 84th Chapter of the of
in the 34th Year
of his Majesty's Reign, and intitled an Act for erecting a Penitentiary House or Penitentiary Houses for confining and employing Convices (34 G. 3. c. 64 7th July 1794) powers are given to the Commissioners
of the Treasury for the time being to fix upon
a proper spot of ground for the purpose of suchV Penitentiary House Establishment as aforesaid and to
appoint a Feoffee or Feoffees for such spot shall be produced by whom and
a perpetual Successor in fee simple —

And whereas under and by virtue of the said powers
a spot of Ground, late the Estate of the Marquis of Salisbury
at Milbank aforesaid hath lately been purchased as in manner aforesaid of the said Marquis by the
said Jeremy Bentham as the Feoffee appointed by
the said Lords Commissioners by
fifty three Acres two Roods and Perches or thereabouts

And whereas in and by the said Act it is further
provided that such Feoffee shall, over and above
the purchase money for the Owner or Owners of such
ground, make or tender such satisfaction, in money or
otherwise, to the several Occupiers, who being Tenants
for years or from Year to Year or at Will, of the
same, or any parcel or parcels thereof, in respect of
their several rights and interests in the premises, as
such Feoffee shall in his or the discretion think fit.

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