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Donne Counter Agreement

March 1800

Memorandum of a Counter-Agreement or Contract having reference to a
Contract or Agreement of this same date between the parties hereunto viz:
John Donne of Milbank in the Liberty of Westminster Nurseryman and
Jeremy Bentham of Lincolns Inn Middlesex and Queen Square Place
Westminster Esquire.—

Whereas in and by the said Contract it is agreed that if the
said John Donne his Executors &c at the requisition of the said Jeremy
Bentham or his Successors shall quit the premises in that behalf mentioned
on the 25th day of this instant March then and in that case the said
Jeremy Bentham &c shall pay and the said John Donne &c shall
accept the sum of £683:dly + +N.B. The Sums herein
inserted in Pencil being put
merely for example no regard
whatever is to be paid to
their amount —
But the amounts as proposed
by M..<hi rend="underline">r</hi> Donne are desired to
be inserted in Ink.—
in full satisfaction as well for the right and
interest of the said John Donne in the said premises as for all damage
which may accrue to him by reason of his quitting the same on the said 25th day of March

And whereas in regard to the Nursery Ground parcel of the said premises it may chance not to be necessary for the purposes,
of the Act of Parliament in the said Contract mentioned that possession of
the said premisessame should be quitted so soon as the 25 of March next ensuing

Now therefore it is hereby covenanted and agreed by and between
the said parties that if the said Jeremy Bentham &c shall permit the
said John Donne &c quickly to retain until the 29th of September next
ensuing, possession of the said Nursery Ground, then and in that case he the said John Donne
shall and will in lieu of the said sum of £500 in the said Contract mentioned as parcel of the said sum sum of £683 ly, accept the reduced sum of £200,
to be paid to him &c on the said 29th day of September.

And it is hereby further covenanted and agreed that the said John
Donne &c shall not be obliged to quit possession of the said premises earlier
than on the 29th day of September next ensuing nor shall he at any time
during the time comprized in the said Lease be obliged to quit possession
without one full half years previous Notice at the last.

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