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Amount brought forward – £6335//15s..6d

Expence attending the removal of forty thousand Gallons
of British and Foreign Spirits – £46..14s

About 20 Loads upon an Average of sundry Ingredients – £5..0..0

About 8 Do Do Hay corn Straw &c. – £2..0..0

To sundry men employed as Porters &c for the purpose
of removal of Stock and part of eleven thousand & upwards
of Casks and Pipes not included in any of the Schedules – £113..8..0

before stated: say 14 Men for 54 days at 3/ per day
Cartage Porterage &c of 20 to 30 Chaldion Coals – £10..0..0

Expence and damage in breakage &c in removing Household
Furniture &c away from my dwelling House Cartage and porterage included – £40..0..0

Add profit that might be expected therefrom at 15 per cent
interest of money included – £32..12..9

Having this expence to advance 3 3/4 Years sooner than I
should otherwise have had I hereby lose profit of 15 per cent
upon so much capital which makes for that Term – £37..9..3

N.B. The Premises agreeable to a Clause in my Lease as before
said which entitles me at or before the expiration of said Lease to
remove or carry away all the buildings and erections estimated
at my aforesaid sum of one thousand nine hundred and fifteen
pounds two shillings and sixpence and not included in any
of the Schedules before stated I charge to the account provided I
am not secured in taking said Buildings and erections away
in virtue of my Lease aforesaid in consequence of which I
have not charged to the account the expense of removing same
3 3/4 Years sooner than I should otherwise have had, but for
said Government Notice – £1915..2..6

Mill Bank March 1800
(Signed) B. Hodges

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