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3 Jany. 1802
§.1 Purchase of Ld Salisbury's on the proposal of Mr Long

little only and expressed and even debated upon in clear and sober language,
that it was was that act besides that no opposition from the Noble
Lord was that to rationally to be expected,
because with the accommodation that
could and would be given him, it depended
upon himself to clear rid himself of any inconvenience
but besides all this – even at the court, and let Lord Belgrave
he might any day by take it, as he pleased, any opposition would be from that quarter
was an event that I might depend upon would be
altogether without effect. What could be more satisfactory? So captivated was
I and inspirited, with these and other demonstrations
of new and unexpected confidence
that I forget at the moment – and even for some time – what I
had experienced on a similar occasion not many months before, from
the and a more efficient Secretary,
the more efficient Secretary not one of before
who, in speaking of the Bishop of Rochester,
and asserting having asserted roundly; that any opposition
from these quarter would be no impediment
denied as flatly a few days after that he his
had ever said any such thing having ever uttered anything to that effect a syllable to any such effect.

Insincerity, my Lord is the very best supposition I
now resort to in for a clue to human conduct.
At this time, I am still inclined to hink,
no Honourable gentleman was sincere. I It may be, that at this time
the verbatim plan design of not having keeping the land unapplied
to its only lawful use, was not at this as yet
time formed any where: or it may be, that thing though formed,
the rent of it was not as yet handed on over to Mr Long.

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