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3 Jany. 1802
§.1 Purchase of Ld Salisbury's on the proposal of Mr Long

If it was a deceipt, it was a deceipt from which
all means of escape were wanting to me.⊞1 ⊞1 drawn out of my crushed in my fortune, driven thrust out of my place in society, excluded extended therein out of all circles my My
position furnished are not wth any scales, by which
comparative degrees of influence could be measured with any
hope of accuracy. In the Marquis of Salisbury
⊞2 ⊞2 In the noble proprietor of the Estate whose wish to part with it was no secret, I saw (for personal qualities had nothing to do in any such business) saw a Lord of the Upper House of Parliament
a nobleman humoured with conspicuous marks of
Royal favour – a great officer of state. As to the
noble Viscount, should the sense of his true and
evident personal interests prove the spring and standard
of his measures, co-operation instead of not opposition
would be the result. in the opposite event, it But even in the contrary⊞3 ⊞3 event, and though should even the course of the two luminaries run in opposition instead of conjunction, it was not for eyes like mine to calculate the relative momenta of two such powers.
was not for me to say From no observation could I have divined that the rank, the character possessions
and the wand of the most noble Marquis, would
prove light in the scale when weighted against
the Greek, the prospects and the past
eloquence of Lord Belgrave, It What did not occurr
to me – I confess it and I am not ashamed to say confess
that it did not occurr to me, naturally handing the my previous warning – I had received in a variety of black and appalling shapes from the pen, the tongue and the brow of the Master official Secretary – notwithstanding all this and more it did not yet occurr to me that whatever any
apparent principle of repugnance might present itselfinconsistency there might be at the first
blush between the exigencies of our Lord, and the
caprices of another – might be smoothed away
and reconciled humoured by so easy great gentle simple an expedient as
the purchase of the land under a determination
to make no use of it The intent of the land would indeed
thence be broken, but where would be the evidence
of the breach of it? A blameless individual would
thus be deceived and ruined: but his injuries
were already stale, and who cares for a troublesome
man who is neither in party nor in Parliament?
Guilt in a variety of shapes would be the result of
all this accommodation: but in a certain place, who
cares for Guilt when proof is wanting: and
as all fear of punishment in a legal or even in the moral shape? and the vista closes without punishment?

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