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16 Mar 1802
Panopticon Narrative

in question has for its subject the conduct of the
Treasury as towards me myself:– and, in speaking of
the mention made of my name, a statement is
given the effect of which is to convey an
impression which I have to complain of as in which is not only in itself substantially and
utterly materially incorrect (to use the mildest term most respectful epithet I can
find for it) and
but also such as as being such as in respect and in consequence of
such its incorrectness, has been and still is in the highest degree
prejudicial and injurious to me.

At the time when this document a copy of the Report with this article of it first reached
me y hands
which was not many days after the
date of it, the mention of the place (the Treasury Chambers) together with its situation, in
the mass of the documents of which referred a regularly authenticated articles among which first it was is inserted, passed upon me so effectively as a sufficient
mark of authentication, that at the time,
and indeed till very lately, the want of a signature did
not attract my notice. It was not till to other t'other
day, that coming to having occasion to
bestow upon that document a more particular examination
for a particular purpose, a question that
immediately presented itself to my mind commanded my attention was
who the individual could be who would take
upon himself to make averment of the matters
of fact in question, and to be eventually responsible – in proper
place and time, for the truth of it: and great
was my surprize at finding that, in my copy
at least, there was o such individual marked out
by name, and that if the supposing the original
manuscript paper to present the same deficiency, the
communication of which, to my conception afforded me so much cause of complaint is in fact an unauthenticated – perhaps a spurious one – at any rate an anonymous one.

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