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In the printed Report or Paper purporting by its title
to contain the "Further Proceedings of the Lords Commissioners of his
" Majesty's Treasury &c. respecting the matters stated in the Reports of
"the Committee of Finance & in addition to the Papers presented
"to the House of Commons on the 12 Jany and 19th Feby 1798, and
"18th June 1799" and to have been "Ordered to be printed 15th July 1800"
in page 50 of that Report under the title of "28th Report —
"Penitentiary Establishment — No 9" I observe a sort of Memorandum,
containing twelve lines beginning with the words "in the Month
" of October 1799" and ending with these words "under the Consideration
"of this Board. Under these last words are subjoined by way
of date the words "Treasury Chambers 14th July 1800". But a circumstance
which seems remarkable enough, and is the occasion of the
liberty which by this my humble address I am presuming to take
with you in Your Official capacity as Speaker of the Honourable
the House of Commons is — that except so far as that date may
be considered as a mark of authentication this document does
not (at least in the only copies which I have access viz: the
one in my possession and another) present, upon the face of it,
any mark of authentication: and in particular that it does
not contain the name of any personal annexed to it in the form
of an authenticating signature.

The circumstance that renders the omission a matter of
personal importance to myself, and in that character has
drawn my attention to it, is — that the document in question
has for its subject the conduct of the Treasury as towards
myself: — and, in the mention made of my name, a statement
is given the effect of which is to convey an impression
which I have to complain of as not only in itself substantially
and materially incorrect but also as being such as in

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