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J.B. to Treasury

17 Jany 1811

Letter 1

1. Question 1. "Whether any and what Buildings have
"been erected upon the Land at Milbank purchased in
"1799 since you became Trusttee?"

Answer. Not one, with any previous consent
or knowledge on my part. I understand that in
two or three instances under the notion of repair some
enlargement or other has been made, either by adding viz. by the making
of addition of a room either at top, in front, or on one side.

+ Unless it be a
wooden shed capable
of being removed at
any time, there is

There is I know of +There is but one building which
to my view appeared I suspect to have been erected on a foundation altogether
new: and that is a slight building from on one floor only which
I observe in view furnished and used as a Confectioners shop
and was, I imagine, erected for that purpose.

The map that was taken of the Estate for the purpose
of the purchase is not in my custody. It is kept in the
office of the Surveyor General of Crown Lands if
(if that be the proper state—I mean that which was the late Mr Fordyce's of the Office at Whitehall.)
From that
I am not certain whether I am the above
official document, should it be thought worth their Lordships pleasures while
this their Lordships have it in their power at any time
to obtain in relation to this question information much information more correct than it is in my
power to give:
With that document in his hand,+
the proper professional Officer, whosoever he may be
would, under their Lordship's orders, afford, in relation
to this question, information much more correct
and appropriate than any which it is in any power
to give.

+ on comparing
the present state
of the premises
with this their state
with the state of them
little before the
, as represented exhibited
on the map,

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