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J.B. to Treasury

17 Jany 1811.

Letter II

The difference, which I pray and hope trust I shall
not to be reduced to calculate, is a sum which it
would be absolutely necessary should be made good at
the public expence. But this expence any sum so employed is what it is
impossible for me to set down to any other account than
that of public money spent in waste.

☞ 13 Postpone

On this occasions similar to this I have sometimes
been told heard observed that considerations of this sort are
no business of mine. To no such observations, Sir,
could I can I subscribe. I hope to find their Lordships
of opinion that it concerns them in point of public duty not to be principals
in the offence of public waste. I am sure
it concerns me not to be an a willing accessory to any such
offence. I have not less than their Lordships or any other Lord a
conscience to keep pure guard. I have not less than their Lordships
or any other Lord a character to keep spotless from
being stained.

I know not whether after the above it will
be worth submitting adding further to their Lordships consideration
that if in consideration of any time and
trouble—(for, as to any thing to worthless any talent devoid of estimable value of
that I could pretend to I know but too well fail but to subscribe can never
have place in any such the account)+ the whole advantage retribution
in all shapes together, possible inducement, reputation, consciousness
of public service service rendered to the public and to mankind was not too much, the half
in any such supposition the mere half of that allowance in these several shapes can never
be sufficient.

+ I say, if in
consideration of
any such expenditure
as just mentioned,

As to "compensation", on that score score none has has
ever been so much as hinted at. Without much expence to the public it might however have been It might have been
not only hinted at but offered: for by me most assuredly
nothing on that score either would now or ever would have been accepted.

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