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Quest. 3. Compensation.

but in prospect on my part

Under those circumstances, I never could, have joined consistently
with security and my own notions of probity, I never
could have joined, viz. for the sake of money in any such measures as to me seemed
indispensably necessary for my obtaining any such compensation
money. Had on On my own part had any assertion
to that effect been necessary, I must in and by that such
assertion have knowingly afforded what was indispensable material
and at the same time not true.

Had any assertion to the like effect been met on
the part of any Member of Administration had any assertion
to that or the like effect been made, I with that assertion before
my eyes taking measures in concurrence with it, I should must
then and in that case have concurred in an assertion which in any
one opinion was not true.

Under the same circumstances, with still less consistently
with any notions of probity (to Honourable Gentlemen I hope they will not seem
altogether visionary) could I if my own motive having
given initiation a commencement to any such measures.

On From |^^^| 180|^^^| to 180|^^^|, there was a talk
between office and office about a compensation
for Mr Bentham, with an intimation proposed made and acceded
to that that intimation should be a liberal one and this talk was put in print, and come out among the documents printed by Order of the House of Commons. Consistently
with my notions of probity as above, no notion of
that or any such intimation could be taken unless it were
for the purpose of respecting it. Accordingly no notice was
taken of it: viz: untill it was pressed upon me, and an
measure to it pressed for: and then it was rejected.

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