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Letter III. Compensation.

As to suffering and being in a pretty long bill: but the particular task
not be much to the taste of an Honourable Gentlemen who without naming
nor within an of description, if I had not doubted myself
I had like to have designated.

So as to his declared sense of my suffering

For I have had a small
proportion of the suffering

which always within
provocation or feature
of provocation I was
to experience
at his hand

As to my Since Honourable Gentlemen were pleased to call
upon me, and with a degree of person-ness beyond what
I should have expected to take the assuming the proposition that
I had long ago taken the value into consideration and fully settled
with my self the value of my own time for the interval length of time in
question. to come forward open my mouth immediately and state exactly readily
and what in my estimation it is worth is the exactly value of it.

So to this point, even were I disposed to make money in this way of suing him nothing could be more idle than for me to
attempt to take upon me pretend to set upon my time any such value beyond as
I was expected to find set upon it by Honourable including Right Honourable Gentlemen
by whose good pleasures [or displeasures] at whose disposed of it had for such a length of time remained been disposed of.

Speaking from the experience of so many years, The lowest species of coin would be above the highest value
[speaking the experience of so many years] which I could never harbour any intention the
th presumption of pr such presumption as that of supposing to regarding to set upon it by any of those Honourable

In short period of three weeks is all that this moment I
remember in particular is a short period of three weeks, the whole
mornings of which were spent in passages and and among persons in the fruitless endeavours of waylaying
the Honourable Gentleman in transit in his transit from room to room
my card all the time each day upon his table: three weeks
minus one or two days (I forget Do not exactly remember which) at the end of which
when taking compassion of me, such was his condescension,
he vouchsafed for the first time to send me by one of the porters or lackeys
a verbal message saying that he would could not see me, I
looked upon accepted it as a favour, and went home in a state of set it down in my own mind as a comparative favour, and took myself home in a state of
comparative content.

It was in this way by such lapse of time that that most convenient and useful
lapse of time was organized, what afterwards formed an arrived plan
for the relinquishing the business altogether.

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